Sunday, March 24, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

March Stats

Well, another month has come and gone and it's time for another check in. Here are the numbers - I'm pleased to say that my body fat percentage is FINALLY on its way down! 

These are my total losses since Jan 1, so it's not looking too shabby.   I am ok with the gain in my arm because I'm getting some pretty great definition in my arms! 

I am starting a new job on April 1 (squee!! sooo excited!) and had to go out shopping for some work appropriate clothing (because my recent Mommy uniform of jeans and tshirts won't quite cut it). I was thrilled to find that I could fit into this size small shirt and size 8 dress pants!

I still feel like I have some left to lose, but I am close to my goal weight (my sweet spot seems to be around 152/153) and I remember back when I started, I stated that I would love to get to a 10 and an 8 would be a PIPE dream, but here I am!

Now I'm just working on fine tuning my workout routines around my new work schedule, training for my upcoming races (2 more in the quest for #13in2013!) and still trying to provide my family with the most healthy food I can make for them!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

St Patrick's Day Virtual 10K, done!

So this weekend is the #13in2013 sponsored St. Patrick's Day virtual race

I did NOT want to run this morning. I have lost my workout mojo and haven't been able to find it. My knee has been tricky lately - I think my kneecap hates plyometrics. Learning I need to avoid it for awhile, but thankfully running doesn't hurt too terribly much. 

I wore a knee brace. I was ready for this, after all, I did 10 miles last week. 6.2 should be easy peesy, right? 

Except it's 45 degrees outside. And I'm a weenie. Mile 1 I was sure my lungs would explode. Mile 1.5 I was sure my hands were gone. Mile 2 I couldn't feel my legs anymore (so it wasn't so bad) and by mile 2.5, I had worked up a SWEAT! 

I had Runkeeper telling me my pace every mile. I was shocked when it kept telling me 9:36, 9:42 etc per mile. My 5K time was just shy of my last 5K PR - 29:12. 

Miles 3.5-4.75 dragged. But when I hit my interval change at 4.75 miles, I knew that the next interval change would indicate I had less than a half a mile left to run. I hit that 5.75 mile mark and SPRINTED. 

And made it - in 59:59, almost 10 minutes faster than my Halloween 10K time from October!!! 

So much for not wanting to go for run today! 

Next weekend, I have an Anywhere5K and the weekend after that is my third half marathon! A few weeks after that, I have the Chance to Hope Run in Color Hope in Motion 5K. I am so excited for that one!   My 4.5 year old daughter will be running her own races the same days as my half and the Hope in Motion 5K. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meal Plans & Long Runs

We've had a yummy two weeks! However tomorrow is meal planning day and I am unprepared. Hoping to find some delicious new ideas to incorporate all the goodies we get at our produce co-op on Tuesday!

Monday (2/25):  Steak, cheesy spaghetti squash & roasted red potatoes "And SALAD, Mom!" (as my 4.5 year old reminds me if I forget to mention salad in our nightly meal plans. She's learning fast!) 

Tuesday (2/26): Chili mac (we never wound up having it the week previous because of weather!), roasted portobello mushroom caps & salad. 

Wednesday (2/27): Stir fry. Portobello mushrooms, sugar snap peas, peppers, broccoli, carrots, onions, served over rice. 

Thursday (2/28): Pulled Pork Verde Poblano (Tosca Reno's cookbook) (no pictures because we've had this before :)

Friday (3/1): Our new favorite pizza!! Turkey pepperoni, green pepper & homemade sauce.

Saturday (3/2): Superfood Fusilli. My daughter is pretty predictable. If you ask her what she wants for dinner she will say 1) Pasta and red sauce or 2) Pizza.  So I found this "pasta and red sauce" recipe. Packed full of veggies! She didn't notice them and loved her pasta with red sauce. :-) Served with green beans and a salad. 

Monday (3/4): Now these weren't dinner but they are worth a mention (or three).  My dear husband loves cinnamon rolls and has been without now for three months. So a friend found this recipe on Gracious Pantry and I got to work making them! 

I did change some of the recipe - I didn't use any of her filling. Instead, I used coconut sugar, cinnamon and butter. I wound up using about a cup of coconut sugar, a few Tbsp of cinnamon and probably 3Tbsp of butter. 
The only picture I got of them baked.
Before I could eat them.
Yes, I had two. They are that good.

Dinner this night was scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, grapefruit and hash browns. Cinnamon rolls for dessert just seemed to make sense :-)

Tuesday (3/5): Jamie Eason's Turkey Meatloaf Muffin recipe (although I just made it a meatloaf shape). Also mashed potatoes (with Greek yogurt), corn and fresh green beans. And "salad, Mom!" 

Wednesday (3/6): Burgers on Ezekiel Sesame buns, roasted asparagus, sweet potato fries & salad. 

Thursday (3/7): Scrambled eggs (I might be a WEE bit obsessed with them right now!), bacon, toast & clean buttermilk pancakes. 

Friday (3/8): Pizza, of course! 

Saturday (3/9): I went on a long run today (more on that later) and my 4.5 year old and hubby took charge of dinner. They made DELICIOUS buffalo chicken wraps, green beans & salad. What a great surprise for me that they took care of everything! I'm one lucky girl!

Sunday (3/10): Hubby will be smoking a turkey breast, so we will most likely have smoked turkey, mashed potatoes & maple/bacon brussels sprouts for dinner. 

Today I finally was able to go on a long run. It was looking grim as of last night. Around 2am, my littlest started throwing up. He and I were awake from 2am-5am, changing sheets, taking baths and cleaning up. Thanks to my awesome hubby, who got up with the kids, I was able to get a few hours of sleep. I woke up thinking I was ready for my run. The weather forecast had been PERFECT for today. However, they were wrong and it was POURING rain!  So I wrote off my run and settled in for a snuggling day. I had a few errands to run (booking a location for a VIP bridal shower (JEN'S!) and some Easter shopping) but once I came home, I settled onto the couch with my little guy. 

He turned a corner and was feverish, but not throwing up anymore, plus the rain stopped and the temperature went up to 65 degrees! So off I went!

I wound up running 10 miles, a straight out-and-back. It was a decent run, considering I haven't run in a few weeks and haven't run a LONG run in almost a month. Looking back, I ran my half marathon in October with a 10:43 pace and today I ran at a 10:24 pace, so I'm whittling away at my time. Slowly! I definitely need to get OUTSIDE more for my runs. It is so dramatically different for me to run on a treadmill vs outside. Hoping the weather is on the upswing so I can start running while my daughter is in school, taking my son in the jogging stroller.

I have a half marathon coming up (April 6!) and I would LOVE to get a sub-2:15 time.

So that is our last two weeks!

 Any great clean recipes that we simply MUST try?