Sunday, January 27, 2013


So I ran my last half marathon in 2:24 and am looking at my next half in April. I have this crazy idea in my head that I can run a SUB2 HOUR HALF! Crazy talk, I'm telling you.

I tried a run from the sub2hr training plan - HO-LEE-COW. The training plan said "run 2 miles slow. Then intervals of .25mi at 8:40 pack *for you keeping track, that's a 7.0 on the treadmill* and :30 slow recovery. TIMES 12. Then run a slow mile"

That's something like 6 miles if you do it right.  I could only do 4 rounds of the intervals after the 2 mile "warmup" run. Then I ran/walked the last mile. My run was 4.26 miles and I did it in 46 minutes. Not too shabby, but definitely nowhere near the sub2hr pace. So I am going to reevaluate and maybe look into a sub2:15 PR!

Clean eating is going well still. Fallen off a little this weekend. STILL, regardless of how much I've changed, I  run to sweets for comfort when I begin to freak out! On a whole I've been doing great avoiding commercial sweets and have been leaning on fruit and not processed chemicals. But I definitely clung to the chemicals this weekend!

Sooooo I am going to start researching some alternate lifting plans, running a lot more and cleaning up my eating just a bit more. We're around 80-85% clean now, but there's always room for improvement, right??

Stats updates coming later this week!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meal plan change - recipe success!

So my meal plan for Monday said portobello mushroom stir fry. I had a bag of broccoli slaw from co-op that I had planned to use - but it had other plans (like going bad before I got to it!)  So I had to find a new idea.  I found this recipe for a stuffed portobello mushroom. It sounded like a winner - and it WAS! Kiddos liked it, hubby liked it, success all around! The spices in the turkey really gave it a sausage flavor, except without the greasy mouth feel that real sausage leaves you with! I smothered the top with muenster cheese since I didn't have fontina on hand. WINNER.

Don't ask about the couscous, it was NOT a recipe winner!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Three week update.

(sorry for the break in posts! My little guy turned 2 and I've been busy planning his party and executing it!) 

So we started our clean eating adventure three weeks ago.  I am (unofficially) down about 6 lbs and I feel great! My kids are really loving it (but again, I'm not keeping them as strict as I'm keeping hubby and myself!)

Once you get a routine, it's actually quite easy to maintain! I feel like it's easier to do this than IQS because IQS was eliminated even NATURAL sugars- honey, maple syrup, molasses. Now that I can incorporate those into our food, it seems like it's a breeze to keep up with! 

Meal plan for this week: 

Monday: Portobello mushroom stir fry (meatless) served with brown rice
Tuesday: Italian crockpot chicken served with quinoa and a salad.
Wednesday: Pulled pork poblano verde (yes, again, it was THAT good), homemade guacamole, brown rice & salad. (or maybe serving in a wrap, I haven't decided yet)
Thursday: Smoked turkey breast, baked sweet potatoes, fresh green beans & salad
Friday: Chicken sausage with sloppy peppers
Saturday: out for dinner (will be as clean as possible!)
Sunday: Trader Joe's 17 bean soup, grilled cheese (with Ezekiel bread) and salad.

I've been working out a ton. Today I worked out harder than I can remember ! And in the midst of it, I realized I have a half marathon in 12 weeks! So I will be phasing out of some of my classes again to shift to more running. It was 18º out this am and you could tell all the outside runners were on the dreadmills today! I am hoping the weather breaks a little in the afternoons so that I can run with AJ in the stroller while he naps. I know I can go 5-6 miles on a treadmill, but getting up into longer runs REALLY requires a trip to the park/running trail! 

My goals for my race: 
Realistic goal: Sub-2:15 half marathon
STRETCH goal: Sub-2:05 half marathon. 

I think if I start really training now, I can meet my realistic goal no problems. I think if I PUSH myself, I can meet my stretch goal too.  I guess we'll see in 12 weeks!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Race #3 - Virtual 5K

Have you heard of "virtual races"? It's a race that's hosted by a person or organization that can be run where ever, sometimes WHEN you want!

I registered with a few friends tonight to run the Anywhere 5K on Feb 23-24! This will be race #3 towards my 13 in 2013 goal! I am excited to "race" in an unconventional way.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More menus!

This post is all just meals for the last few days! I am feeling great!! I think I want to start lowering the amount of carbs in our meals (I still feel like we rely on them A LOT) but other than that, I'm really happy with how things are going! There are some "unclean" items in our meals, but as I've mentioned, we're working TOWARDS being completely clean but I also want to use up some of our pantry items that are relatively healthy still.


Breakfast:Turkey & egg turnover
Am snack: missed because I was at the Y
Lunch: 17 beans soup; 2 clementines
PM Snack: 1c chopped broccoli, 2Tbsp salsa, 1/4c Greek yogurt
Dinner: Roasted turkey, baked sweet potato, sautéed sugar snap peas & homemade cranberry sauce - DELICIOUS!!
Late Snack: cheese stick
Also had red wine.

Breakfast: Breakfast: 2 slices CA protein bread + 2Tbsp natural pb
AM Snack: 4 Ak Mak crackers & 1 egg white
Lunch: 17 beans soup; 2 clementines
PM Snack: coffee
Dinner: steak roll ups, roasted red potatoes/peppers, curried cauliflower.
Late snack: 2 clean eating pb/choc cookies

Red wine

Breakfast: 3.5oz Greek yogurt, 1c very cherry frozen berries & 1tbsp flaxseed
Am snack: 1/2 grapefruit, 10 almonds.
Lunch: ww wrap with 3 oz turkey, 1/4 avocado & .5oz pepper jack cheese
PM Snack: 10 carrots, 10 almonds
Dinner: whole wheat fusilli mixed with zucchini, peppers & onions in marinara. Chicken. Salad.

Breakfast: apple cinnamon steel cut oats
AM Snack: turkey & egg turnover
Lunch: Fusilli leftovers.
PM Snack: got too busy & forgot!!!
Dinner: Tosca Reno's pulled pork poblano verde on whole wheat wraps. Tosca Reno's Spanish rice. Homemade guacamole.
Late PM Snack: Vanilla fruit smoothie.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Current Stats - January + 13in2013

I'm starting fresh with a new stats chart.  I don't want to compare to where I was this time last year at all.  My physical health is completely different and I don't want to get hung up on where I ~was~. This time I need to focus entirely on ~where I am going~.

So here's my new chart (well, same chart, just new data :-) 

I will try to update this once a month. I have had my body fat tested at the YMCA with a Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. They have a handheld one that I can request to use any time there is a trainer in the fitness area. I had it done about mid-November and my body fat was 26.4%.  The trainer did tell me that if I hadn't eaten breakfast that day, but did this recent time, that would be enough to throw it off. I was pretty angry that it had gone UP even though I have been strength training regularly for 6 weeks!

I also signed up to do #13in2013. 13 races this year. I have a pretty good game plan and am already registered for my first two (yay!) but there's a lot more races to plan!! Thankfully (for my wallet) the hosts are having six free virtual races over the year, so I won't have to worry about 13 entrance fees, which was my ONLY hesitation when contemplating signing up! 

Clean eating is going fabulously. My kiddos are even asking to eat the foods I've set aside as our snacks. My first instinct is always "no! That's OUR stuff!" until I remember - the WHOLE POINT of this is to get my whole family HEALTHY! :-) If my kids want grapefruit and almonds for a snack - OF COURSE they can have it! 

I will keep posting interesting recipes that we're finding too. There is SUCH a wealth of information! I admit, I am still planning every last meal and morsel because I'm so much better with a plan. I don't reach for any old thing when I know what I'm supposed to have!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Clean Eating: Days 2-4

People keep asking me what I'm eating as we're starting this new lifestyle.  Here's our menu, to the crumb, for the last few days.

Breakfast: greek yogurt with flax & berries.
AM snack: grapefruit & 8 almonds
Lunch: ww wrap with 2T natural pb, 1 banana (although a Munchkin stole half of mine!) and 2 stalks of celery
PM snack: carrot sticks & 12 raw cashews
Dinner: Was delicious!! A big salad & 17 bean & barley soup (made from a bag of beans from Trader Joe's!!)

Breakfast: 2 slices California protein bread &1Tbsp smuckers natural pb
AM snack: 1/2c cottage cheese & 15 grapes
Lunch: leftover 17 bean soup & 10 carrot sticks
PM snack: 4 Ak Mak crackers & hard boiled egg white.
Dinner: serving of Penne with chicken sausage, tomatoes & spinach. Salad.
Late Snack: we were still starving so we each had 1/2c lowfat blueberry kefir.

Breakfast: 2 slices California protein bread &1Tbsp smuckers natural pb .
AM snack: 1 rye crisp bread & string cheese.
Lunch: leftovers from dinner last night - pasta.
PM snack: Vanilla Fruit Smoothie.
Dinner: Tuna steaks with braised fennel & carrots. Grilled zucchini. Brown jasmine rice.
Late Snack: 1/2c lowfat blueberry Kefir with 1Tbsp flax