Sunday, January 6, 2013

Current Stats - January + 13in2013

I'm starting fresh with a new stats chart.  I don't want to compare to where I was this time last year at all.  My physical health is completely different and I don't want to get hung up on where I ~was~. This time I need to focus entirely on ~where I am going~.

So here's my new chart (well, same chart, just new data :-) 

I will try to update this once a month. I have had my body fat tested at the YMCA with a Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. They have a handheld one that I can request to use any time there is a trainer in the fitness area. I had it done about mid-November and my body fat was 26.4%.  The trainer did tell me that if I hadn't eaten breakfast that day, but did this recent time, that would be enough to throw it off. I was pretty angry that it had gone UP even though I have been strength training regularly for 6 weeks!

I also signed up to do #13in2013. 13 races this year. I have a pretty good game plan and am already registered for my first two (yay!) but there's a lot more races to plan!! Thankfully (for my wallet) the hosts are having six free virtual races over the year, so I won't have to worry about 13 entrance fees, which was my ONLY hesitation when contemplating signing up! 

Clean eating is going fabulously. My kiddos are even asking to eat the foods I've set aside as our snacks. My first instinct is always "no! That's OUR stuff!" until I remember - the WHOLE POINT of this is to get my whole family HEALTHY! :-) If my kids want grapefruit and almonds for a snack - OF COURSE they can have it! 

I will keep posting interesting recipes that we're finding too. There is SUCH a wealth of information! I admit, I am still planning every last meal and morsel because I'm so much better with a plan. I don't reach for any old thing when I know what I'm supposed to have!

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