Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As promised and by request, my updated measurements.  Please note - I didn't measure my "gut" when I started. You know-he area between my waist and hip measurements, that has been shrinking? :-)  So I'm adding a "gut" measurement now, hoping to watch that number reflect my efforts!

So as you can see - loss across the board. It's not astronomical, but hey, it's only been a month! I am quite happy with the progress I'm making.   I am formulating a plan to help strengthen my body on the days I can't (or won't) make it to the gym. I will be talking about my training plan coming up soon.  We are a few short months (TWO! EEEEKK!) away from the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Florida!

Gotta get the booty in gear! (And get rid of MUCH more of it before then too :-)

Still Here

Hey, it's Jen! No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth *yet*! Where have I been? Busy. I work two jobs - including one in retail, so needless to say, my hours have been crazy, volunteer with the church kids, squeeze in some time with my parents and little brother even though we are spread out across the city, rarely get to see my friends, and for some reason think I still have time for dating too (although I've learned that online dating is not for me & that a set up from friends is really no less awkward).

On the sugar-free front, I have not stuck to the plan flawlessly. However, I stopped having cravings. I learned that I could portion out a serving of ice cream and be satisfied with that. I actually went to my family's Thanksgiving dinner and went completely dessert-free! (The women in my family love to bake... it's in our blood. We do it often and we do it well. So this was nothing short of a miracle, trust me!) :) Okay, maybe I was saving my sugar-consumption for wedding cake (and the pie buffet and her chocolate chip cookie pie favors) the day after. My "date" was one of my small group girls, whose older sisters both came with a date:

I realized that I will always want sweet treats, because my love of food reaches maximum happiness with desserts. But now I will chop an apple, spinkle it with cinnamon, microwave it for a minute, and I'm content with that. So I'm eating fruit on a normal basis again. But I'm not going back to sprinkling Truvia on everything, or even putting it in my coffee. I still check the labels and ingredient list and will pass on items I can find a better subsitute for, but I'm not avoiding all sugars at all costs. I jumped ahead to finding the balance and the lifestyle that will work for me long-term.

I'm happy with how far I've come. I've been consistently sitting in the 143's - just not losing as quickly as I was. But those last few pounds are always the most stubborn, and it's even more difficult since my work schedule hasn't allowed for much gym time the last couple weeks. But I'm determined to get back there. I have to find a new trainer since mine moved, but that's no excuse to stop going consistently. I have a 5K next Saturday that my legs will hate me for if I don't get in some quality treadmill time before then! Not to mention, our Half Marathon will be here before I know it. So tonight, maybe saying I have to go to the gym isn't an excuse to leave a date early, but really just getting my priorities in the right order! We'll see...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"I could never do that!"

About four out of five people who hear I've "quit sugar" respond with "Oh, I could never do that!"

But you COULD.  It's not brain surgery, it's not something that requires years of study or patience or skill.  It's just something that, in my case, HAD to be done. I know now that sugar was standing between me and the life I want to (and was meant to!) be living!  I'm approaching my first goal weight. I'm able to run longer/faster/further than before. My emotions are in check. I FEEL better.

So for all of the people that comment on the blog saying I'm "inspiring" or "doing the impossible" - I URGE you. Try it. Give yourself a WEEK.   I'd tried "detoxing" before I did this. I would be talking to my hubby and would throw a handful of chocolate chips in my mouth - without even realizing I was doing it!

If I can go from mindless sugar binging to being sugar free for SIX WEEKS - So can you. 

I used to crave sugar to the points where I would eat marshmallows off the floor of my pantry - If I can quit emotional eating - So can you.

I could NOT drink coffee with less than 4Tbsp of flavored creamer -  If I can adjust to life (coffee!!!) without sugar - SO CAN YOU.

So don't read this blog and think "Wow, that's admirable, but it's not for me."  Instead, I challenge you - ONE week. Give it ONE WEEK to try this whole "sugar free" experience. I promise you, you will FEEL better; you will LOOK better; you will be HEALTHIER than you've ever been.

So do it. Make a commitment. Start today. Post a comment and let me know you're with me. And if you need support, I will support you! Heck, I'll send you my number and if you have an emergency, we'll text until you're through it. I feel that strongly about this decision.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starting Week Six

Saturday started week 6 of my no sugar journey.  And I'm still learning things!
For example, my mom called me today and informed me that table salt has added -- yes, you got it -- SUGAR! Why? Apparently the process used to refine salt into "table" salt makes it bitter. Add some sugar (dextrose, specifically) and VoilĂ ! Table salt!

I feel like I'm becoming a more informed consumer. I'm reading a book called Suicide by Sugar.  In it, the author discusses different afflictions from sugar, the hazards and also the dangers of maltodextrin. Wikipedia defines maltodextrin as such:

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. It is produced from starch by partial hydrolysis and is usually found as a creamy-white hygroscopic spraydried powder. Maltodextrin is easily digestible, being absorbed as rapidly as glucose, and might be either moderately sweet or almost flavorless. It is commonly used for the production of sodas and candy. It can also be found as an ingredient in a variety of other processed foods.

 What I get from this scientific paragraph? "Maltodextrin is bad and we should avoid it." (ok, maybe it's from a combination of not understanding more than 10 words above and the stuff I have read in the Suicide by Sugar book. :-))

So I'm slowly moving my family to whole foods - maltodextrin is present in almost every pre-packaged food I've looked at, from spice mixes to marinated pork tenderloin.

I'm really leaning on a local produce co-op that we've been using for awesome veggies. I'm looking forward to getting back to some fruit soon (2 weeks!) and we always get lots of great tasting stuff!  I'm experimenting with different ways to make old favorites. I got a recipe from a friend for Oatmeal waffles that I'm just leaving the brown sugar out of the recipe. They taste GREAT now, with some pecans chopped up on top.  My daughter loved them with applesauce and hubby had a little powdered sugar and butter.   I made sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving - instead of putting in 1/2 cup of brown sugar and covering them in marshmallows, I used butter and cinnamon. They were a big hit!

My cravings aren't completely gone. I was making our Advent calendar for this Christmas season tonight and purchased a bag of my (formerly) favorite holiday candies -

Hershey's mint miniatures!  (The dark chocolate/mint was my favorite)    It was all I could do not to open every single one and eat them. So no, my cravings aren't GONE. But did I eat them all? Nope. Did I even eat one? Nope. Instead, I went and got some peppermint chocolate tea.  NOT the same, but definitely satisfied the craving in a sufficient way!

So here goes week 6 in the journey. I will be posting some updated stats soon. I will say that as of my weigh in last week, I was 1.5lbs from my first weight loss goal!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My "Cheat" for Thanksgiving!

I'm allowing one "sweet" on Thanksgiving - some homemade cranberry sauce! 

I used Skinny Taste's recipe obviously taking out the agave/sugar.  I used 2-16oz bags of cranberries and four pears. I added about 2.5 cups of water as well. I did add some cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg to the mix as it cooked. I wanted to add cloves, but I couldn't track down cheesecloth to float them in!

I think tomorrow morning I will add a bit of orange zest, just to mix it up.  

 So excited to taste it tomorrow!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fifty Percent.

Today marks the end of my fourth sugar free week, halfway through the "I Quit Sugar" experiment.

Today I feel - even. I don't know how to put it into words, but I don't have mood swings, fiendish food cravings, emotional outbursts... I think this is how I am SUPPOSED to feel. It's interesting to think that all these years, I've been abusing sugar and it's been abusing me back, by making me moody, critical and dependent.

I realize now how much I leaned on mindless snacking, which has completely stopped! In fact, I'm having a hard time meeting my Weight Watchers daily points because of it! I'm spending more time playing with my kids, cleaning my house and working on my crafty projects instead of in the pantry, hunting down my next sugary snack.

I feel almost as though this process has given me my life back - a life I didn't know I had! I feel more confident, both in myself and in my ability to cut sugar out of my diet. Honestly, when we started this journey, I had my doubts. I relied on sugar emotionally, physically and socially.  Now I'm learning who I am aside from the baker, the cake girl, etc. And it's FUN!

Everyone keeps asking if I'm putting my family on a sugar-restricted diet too. My answer is no, but that's not entirely true. I do most of the grocery shopping and cooking and I'm not making those things anymore! So I guess I AM, in a way. And why wouldn't I? I don't want my kids to grow up with the same dependence on sugar that I have.  It's hard to keep my daughter from having sugar at school (preschool snacks are ALL sugar!).   (I have toyed with the idea of being a sh!t disturber, though - keep that on the back burner for now, I want to make friends at her school first ;-)   So yes, I have stopped feeding my family cake, candy and cookies at home. I've stopped using products with corn syrup in our cooking. I'm working on getting rid of maltodextrin (will try to do a post about that in the near future too). Am I FORCING them to go sugar free? Nope. I even bought my hubby a milk shake tonight when I went to pick up dinner. Did I steal a sip? Nope!  Did I sniff it? Yes :-)

So at the end of week four, I'm going strong. I love this lifestyle, I feel better and I can't wait to see what the next four weeks bring. Although I guarantee that I'll be breaking it the first day of week 8. I can't deny myself wedding cake. Let's call it a victory slice :-)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Scared Stupid

Last night when I got home from a store meeting for my second job, I was starving and I craved a little bit of everything. I had a healthy dinner planned - taco salad from the 93% lean ground beef I had made in the afternoon. But I ate that and was still hungry. So I had a serving of the leftover mac & cheese in the fridge. Still hungry. And as I was sitting on the couch watching Elf, I wanted to be Buddy the Elf... I wanted syrup on my pancakes. And candy by the handful. I haven't been craving sugar. But watching all the sweet goodness, I wanted it all and I wanted it now.

So I decided I would give in - just a little. I would have a tablespoon of the dark chocolate peanut butter I had carefully hidden in the back of the pantry. But rather than use my measuring spoon, I used a regular spoon. And one bite quickly led to me eating it out of the jar with a spoon (Gross, I know. But this blog is all about full-disclosure!). After a minute, I realized how awful that was so I put the jar away and returned to my movie. But the sweets had me wanting something salty. So I finished the movie munching on some blue corn tortilla chips.

Where did this come from and why?! I was in a great mood when I got back from the meeting, so it wasn't emotional eating. It wasn't that I was having a sugar craving, because I went from cheesy to sweet to salty - and could have easily just kept going. I peeked at the scale this morning to see a much-deserved gain from Saturday morning's weigh in at 143.2, but I sighed in relief as I realized I have until this coming Saturday to make up for my night of mindless eating. But in order to correct the problem, I need to admit that it was such and then figure out why I let it happen in the first place.

And this morning, I remembered texting Nicole over the weekend about being so close to goal. I admitted something that will sound strange to most people: I'm scared of being so close to goal. Shouldn't I be celebrating that in 3.2 pounds I will go from weight loss mode to maintenance mode? Shouldn't it excite me to be so close and know that I could potentially reach this in the next couple weeks? Why do I get anxious at the idea instead?

It's unfamiliar.

I've been struggling with weight loss since finishing my undergrad degree in 2007. I started WW the summer after I stepped on the scale and saw 180.0. In six months, I was at 145 - close to goal - and I stopped. I hung out with friends and went out for drinks when I knew I should have been at the gym. I chose to bake (and eat) lots of cookies instead of the salads I had gotten used to. And before I knew it, I was back to 170. I haven't been below 145 since then. This is new territory.

Reaching goal means my WW goes into maintenance mode. I get more points... I've never been given more than 29 daily points a day. (Granted, I have eaten way beyond my daily and weekly points. But it's never been the recommendation!) The freedom, the extra points, it makes me nervous. I've been in weight loss mode for so many years that the change makes me a little anxious. I know that sounds stupid, but I'm afraid the temptation to use those extra points on less healthy foods will get to me.

I refuse to let fear of the new phase of life and this weight loss journey get me down though. It is exciting! I am in better shape now than I think I've ever been in (read: not as skinny as I was in high school, but with stronger muscles and better endurance for physical activity). And I feel pretty (most days - especially when I take the time to do my hair and/or makeup). I refuse to be scared of maintenance, because I know that will lead me to making stupid decisions of what I eat; and I will not sabotage myself again - especially this close to goal! So today I'm drinking lots of tea and sticking to my daily points, working out with Ryan after work if job2 doesn't use my shift tonight, and I'm going after goal with a vengeance!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweet Education

So now you know - if you've been following along - that sugar is hidden everywhere. But do you know how to find it?  Do you know all the different names it goes by?  

Let's play a game - how many times can you find sugar listed on this label? Go on, I'll give you a minute. 
 So, how many could you find? 

High fructose corn syrup; Corn syrup; Brown sugar; Sugar; Honey; Molasses

So what gooey goodness is this, you ask?  Brownies? Cookies? 
Nope. Plain bread crumbs. The sugar content on the label was 4g. If you were just to look at the sugar content, you wouldn't have noticed all the different (overkill) ingredients. 

So here's a list of what to look for, with the rule of thumb being anything ending in "-ose" is sugar. The exception here is lactose, which doesn't affect your blood sugars the way the others do and is okay to consume during a sugar detox.

list found at
  • Agave Nectar
  • Barley Malt Syrup
  • Corn sweetener
  • Corn syrup, or corn syrup solids
  • Dehydrated Cane Juice
  • Dextrin
  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Glucose
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Honey
  • Invert sugar
  • Lactose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Malt syrup
  • Maltose
  • Maple syrup
  • Molasses
  • Raw sugar
  • Rice Syrup
  • Saccharose
  • Sorghum or sorghum syrup
  • Sucrose
  • Syrup
  • Treacle
  • Turbinado Sugar
  • Xylose
Also - evaporated cane juice, which Wikipedia describes like this: "Nutritional benefits are minimal; evaporated cane juice contains trace minerals and vitamins but has the same amount of calories as table sugar."

The other thing to watch out for are "sugar alcohols." These are the things they add to "sugar free" products.  (Read more about them here). While there technically isn't sugar proper in these foods, the "fake" sugars are still fooling your body into thinking that sugar craving is being satisfied.  During a detox from the addiction to sugar, it's best to avoid this as well. 

I'm 20 days into this journey, only 1 1/2 hours from being a solid three weeks in. I must say, it's not as wholly-consuming as it was in the beginning. I've armed myself with "safe" snacks. I'm learning there are certain things I will need to make from scratch instead of purchase in order to avoid unnecessary sugars. I do still have cravings, mostly in the afternoon when lunch is over and I'm hurting for something sweet to "finish" my meal. But I'm staying strong, staying true to this journey. 

And that's what it is. A journey. People keep asking "are you ever going to eat sugar EVER AGAIN?" Why of course I will! But when I do, I'm praying I'm able to stop at one piece of candy, a reasonable amount of ice cream, a few bites of cake. I will evolve and get to that place. Right now? I don't think I could stop yet, as I still crave it. Every day I'm feeling stronger and more in control of my situation! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

A tune up

My laptop is getting a tune up this week, so my blogging will be pretty scarce until I get it back. Blogging on a phone just isn't fun!

I will say I am continually, every day shocked at where I find sugar. Yesterday I realized that my GARLIC SALT has added sugar. Really?!

So before long, I'll be back with some substantial posts. Sorry for the delay on my part!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Facts

As promised, I'm following in Nicole's footsteps and posting all my stats. Keep in mind, I've been doing the Weight Watcher journey for just over a year. So I am very close to my weight loss goal. But I'm still not in great shape. And I have unhealthy addictions (sugar) and habits (eating lots of junk food, emotional eating, etc.) which are my focus now. And I have been doing the no-sugar journey for almost three weeks now, just with several bumps along the way.
So, this is me... I just got up from my computer and took this in the only full-length mirror in my house.

Yesterday I weighed in and took my measurements. So as of 11/4/2011, here is where I stand:
Weight - 144.2 pounds
Arms - 10.5"
Hips - 36"
Bust - 40"
Waist - 30"
Thighs - 22.5"

I'm anxious to see if and how those measurements change through this! I wish I had been better about doing this from the beginning, but I know Ryan took measurements when I first started training with him at the gym (in March) so I may ask for those just to see how far I've come! If I get that information, I'll post it so you can see that there has in fact been some progress made already!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dirty Words

There are four dirty words that Nic mentioned in one of her first blog posts that are really having quite an impact on me lately... high fructose corn syrup. I've seen the ads that say "high fructose corn syrup is made from corn and as healthy as natural sugar" and then there's the other side of the battle about how awful the stuff is for you. I'm not jumping in that debate, because honestly, I don't really care. I've learned how harmful the effects of the ridiculous amount of sugar that's been put into just about everything we eat is, so it doesn't really matter to me if HFCS is the same as sugar. Sugar is not really my body's friend - whether that's granulated sugar, HFCS, corn syrup, Splenda, etc.

My roommate had fruit snacks that were made with real fruit juice... with 14 grams of sugar in a tiny .5 oz package! A coworker had a single-serving cup of fruit with over 20 grams of sugar in it! The "healthy" ice cream bar a friend was eating had a whopping 30 grams of sugar. How is that healthy?! And now I've learned to look not only at the grams of sugar listed on the nutrition facts, but to also scope out the ingredient list for these sneaky little devils, it just gets me more frustrated than ever. Why do we put this stuff in everything??

Here are some things I've found recently that have HFCS in them that I would never have given a second thought to before this journey: Nyquil/Robitussin/Delsym (only the liquid kind, but of course that's the only cold medicine that actually knocks me out), Land O Lakes fat-free half & half, Pepperidge Farms' line of 100% whole grain bread, Ritz crackers, sweet pickle relish and most jarred pickles, all varieties of Miracle Whip, Campbell's vegetable soup (the microwave cup kind), etc.

Obviously, HFCS is found in a lot more foods than these. But I didn't expect it to be in most of these! I have never before read the label to my cold medicine. I had to run to the store this morning to find a truly sugar-free half & half I could put in my coffee at work. These things sneak up on me and I'm realizing like never before how much sugar and sugar-substitutes I have really been consuming. It almost makes me sick to think about. No wonder I was getting sick all the time. No wonder I craved sugar on a daily - if not hourly - basis. Have you found these hidden sugars in any other surprising foods?

When I first downloaded the e-book and told Nicole I was going to try not eating sugar for awhile, I thought it would be easy. I had no idea how many varieties of sugar are out there or the extreme amount that is in most of my normal "healthy foods." I'm learning a lot of foods aren't nearly as healthy as I once thought they were. And I'm not surprised that although I was losing weight on WW, I wasn't really getting much healthier. In fact, after a year on WW, I was getting physically sick and spending a lot more money on doctor (and even Emergency Room) visits with stomach issues.

I'm anxious to see after several weeks of diligently sticking to this plan if and how that changes. I know I was feeling like a new person after my first sugar-free week. And yes, I've made mistakes and I've eaten sugar along the way - some intentional and some not. But I'm back on track and I'm committing to see this through. I will be posting my stats - weight, measurements, photo, etc. - sometime this weekend in hopes that will be another thing to keep me accountable to this. But for now, it's back to work now that my really sugar-free coffee is kicking in! Happy Friday, friends!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Day in the Sugar Free Life

Two weeks ago, this would have been my typical day:
Coffee with about 2-3 Tbsp flavored fat free creamer
Either: Cereal (not "bad" but definitely containing sugar), oatmeal w/brown sugar or some baked good - pancakes or waffles - with plenty of syrup

Mid morning:
banana and/or Greek yogurt with added fruit

Crackers & cheese

Something sweet, always. Cookies, ice cream, Nutella (BIG ONE!), candy - something sweet while the kids nap.

Dinner wasn't too bad, I guess, except when you count ketchup, bbq, salad dressings...

Every night there was something sweet. A bowl of ice cream, Nutella s'mores, bananas and pb were a few of my favorites. I also love to bake, so there's usually something yummy lying around.

 My menu plan has changed drastically since then!

NOW, Breakfast:
Coffee with half & half
slice of bread with turkey sausage, egg & cheese (or PLAIN Greek yogurt with walnuts and cinnamon)

Midmorning: nuts or cheese

Crackers, cheese and lunch meat OR Leftovers from dinner

Veggie sticks - like potato chips, but with spinach and tomato. There IS a little bit of sugar added to these, but I figure this is a lesser evil than a cookie
Cottage cheese with spices from an Italian seasoning grinder

LOTS of fresh veggies now - more than before for sure.  A lot less "convenience" things

I use that term loosely. Definitely no sweets! I've been relying a lot on popcorn (even buttered popcorn which I usually don't even enjoy) and beer. :-)

Other additions to my life:
Jillian Michael's Detox water - 60oz water/1Tbsp pure cranberry juice (I got mine at Trader Joe's)/2 Tbsp lemon juice/dandelion tea

Chia seed - while it might just be a fad, it WORKS.  I sprinkle about a tsp on my meals and it keeps me full for hours! Also, it can be added to liquid to be turned into a gel that can be used to replace up to half of the fat in baked goods! I've done this now with two different kinds of dinner rolls and it works!

Breakfast is the hardest meal of the day for me. Most days lately I wind up skipping it. However, I'm also on Weight Watchers and having 10+ points left at the end of the day is killing me - I don't have any high point snacks to fall back on!   So what are some of your favorite {quick} breakfast ideas that don't include sugars???

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Oops

Unfortunately, my Halloween was quite the opposite of Nicole's. My Mom brought over some candy several days before the holiday because she had drastically overbought. And when she sat the bag in front of me, the smell of Reese's drifted to my nose. I literally hid the bag. I can not; I will not.

I woke up Halloween morning so proud that I had resisted! The day was here and I hadn't caved at all! Then I got to work to find a little pile of candy on my desk from a coworker... Uh oh. So I quickly gave it to another coworker. Do not let me eat this. But the work day went from bad to worse, and by the afternoon I was stressed to the max and couldn't think about much other than the candy I had so joyfully handed over that morning. So I gave in. I went crawling to the desk next to mine and begged him for a piece of mine back. And he said "Here is one Reese's peanut butter cup. That's all you get!"

But I went home and pulled out my little pumpkin with over 100 pieces of candy inside. That one piece was so good! I'll just have one more. And one more turned into a few more. I didn't eat dinner... I ate candy and a cookie. I was just waiting for our trick-or-treaters to come and take it all away (we had 2 kids all night), but then I got into an argument with my ex and the tears just made that candy taste a little sweeter. And it added in the need for a nice cherry vodka & diet coke to wash it all down with.

Needless to say, after a solid two weeks of no sugar, this was more than a little shock to my system. I woke up yesterday morning violently ill. I spent all day throwing up and my stomach still aches beyond belief. I've always been one of those girls who learns most life lessons the hard way, and this is no different. I now know that I cannot overindulge in the sugar no matter how much I want to. My body just can't handle it anymore. It's exciting because that means there has been a big change (seriously, I used to be able to eat half the candy bowl without even a slight stomach ache), but I'm definitely paying for my mistake.

Now that I can stomach more than wheat crackers and mashed potatoes, I'm back. Back to the basics. Back to no sugar. And after work today, back to the gym for a workout with my trainer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Small Victory

In past years, hubby and I would buy our Halloween candy a week early, which wouldn't have been an issue if I didn't have a sugar addiction.

It's not like I took a piece of candy here and there. If I started taking one in the morning, I'd eat three more by noon. Then 3-4 pieces in the afternoon. More after dinner, maybe 2-3?  No matter how much was left over after Halloween, it never lasted long.

I finally admitted I had a problem with sugar when I realized that, even without thinking about it, I would "hide" my candy wrappers. I would push it down in the trash, layer something on top of it, make sure no one could "prove" how much I'd eaten.

This year, we bought the candy only the day before. I knew I haven't been doing this long enough to resist the candy. I did tempt myself, though ,the morning of Halloween I opened the big Sam's Club bags and poured them in our cauldron. And I smelled them. Really - I stuck my nose in the bucket and took a long deep breath.

And it stopped there.

The first Halloween of my life, I did not have one single solitary piece of candy. I won't lie and say it was easy. I won't say I didn't also sniff the candy in my daughter's Trick or Treat bag this morning. But not one bite crossed my lips!

I'm sure I will fail, I'm sure there will be a doughnut that calls my name just a little too persistently, birthday cake at a party, or a taste of cookie dough while making them for friends...  but I haven't hit that place yet. It's been 11 days and I haven't had fruit, dessert and I've been trying VERY hard to avoid all "hidden" sugars as well!  I know I haven't been 100% successful, but considering I never though I could do it for one day,  11 is a victory, however small.