Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Oops

Unfortunately, my Halloween was quite the opposite of Nicole's. My Mom brought over some candy several days before the holiday because she had drastically overbought. And when she sat the bag in front of me, the smell of Reese's drifted to my nose. I literally hid the bag. I can not; I will not.

I woke up Halloween morning so proud that I had resisted! The day was here and I hadn't caved at all! Then I got to work to find a little pile of candy on my desk from a coworker... Uh oh. So I quickly gave it to another coworker. Do not let me eat this. But the work day went from bad to worse, and by the afternoon I was stressed to the max and couldn't think about much other than the candy I had so joyfully handed over that morning. So I gave in. I went crawling to the desk next to mine and begged him for a piece of mine back. And he said "Here is one Reese's peanut butter cup. That's all you get!"

But I went home and pulled out my little pumpkin with over 100 pieces of candy inside. That one piece was so good! I'll just have one more. And one more turned into a few more. I didn't eat dinner... I ate candy and a cookie. I was just waiting for our trick-or-treaters to come and take it all away (we had 2 kids all night), but then I got into an argument with my ex and the tears just made that candy taste a little sweeter. And it added in the need for a nice cherry vodka & diet coke to wash it all down with.

Needless to say, after a solid two weeks of no sugar, this was more than a little shock to my system. I woke up yesterday morning violently ill. I spent all day throwing up and my stomach still aches beyond belief. I've always been one of those girls who learns most life lessons the hard way, and this is no different. I now know that I cannot overindulge in the sugar no matter how much I want to. My body just can't handle it anymore. It's exciting because that means there has been a big change (seriously, I used to be able to eat half the candy bowl without even a slight stomach ache), but I'm definitely paying for my mistake.

Now that I can stomach more than wheat crackers and mashed potatoes, I'm back. Back to the basics. Back to no sugar. And after work today, back to the gym for a workout with my trainer.

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  1. Oh so the mistake was eating the candy not talking to the ex. MMMM now I want a cookie is that bad? :-D Sorry to hear about the set back but I am sure you can recover. Halloween is an evil time where everyone says it is ok to eat candy. Then thanksgiving...mmmm pie. Of course you have christmas cookies. Silly winter making me so fat.