Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For the sweet tooth

Even after the 8 week detox, I still find myself wanting something sweet now and again. I saw this recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie and HAD to try it!

I am glad I read the directions before buying the ingredients. She mentions a can of coconut milk. I have purchased a CARTON of coconut milk before, but found that the consistency of the canned coconut milk is VASTLY different. Honestly, it looked a lot like spackle to me, while the carton looks like watered down cow milk.

I wound up adding three packets of Stevia to mine. I tried it between every addition and it was TOO bitter until I hit that third one.  Mine came out as more of a mousse consistency than a frosting, but it hit the spot either way.

Very yummy! I highly recommend it for the quitting sugar crowd (after your 8 weeks, of course. :-))

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back in the Game!

I took a month(ish) off from being completely sugar free. I had a great piece of cake at my son's birthday party (with a spoonful of ice cream!) and it was awesome. I had a cake ball the next day.  And for two weeks in a row, I didn't lose weight (gained 1lb!) So I'm back to no sugar for awhile, just to jumpstart the loss again. In addition to not losing, my joints have started hurting and I've been INCURABLY hungry! So I figured back to basics! I plan on doing a week with absolutely no sugar, then allowing fruit again.  We'll see if I'll be adding any "treat' sugars back in, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

I went to the gym yesterday, even though it was a great day to curl up in pjs and watch movies all day. I thought I'd just get on the treadmill and see what happened, planning only to walk slowly and not really thinking I would get very far before giving up.  What happened? I wound up running 5 miles! In fact, I ran it at a 12 min/mile pace, which although it's still slow is the fastest I've ever run a complete distance before!

So much for a leisurely walk :-)

But it was good and reaffirming about running on a treadmill, which I'm finding I dislike more than I thought I did.

If you need some running music, be sure to check out Rock My Run - great mixes that keep me going for all my miles! I hate having to skip songs or fumble with my music during my runs, and the long (hour +!) mixes really change things up but keep them motivating. It's really changed the way I've focused while running.

So here's my calendar, updated with this week + the last two training.  (my "planned" workouts are timed, my actual workouts are the all day boxes)

Disney Princess Half Marathon Update - We leave in FIVE WEEKS!! WOOOOOO! I'm up to 8.2 miles. Hoping (if the weather goes above 40 degrees!) to get a 9 mile run in this weekend. If the weather is still cold - will be attempting that distance on the treadmill!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Question of Motivation

My son turns one on Saturday and this week has been crazy stress for me. I'm not having a huge party, just a few close friends, but I feel pressure to make his party as "great" as my daughter's first. Except I have to make the cake myself! 


I wanted to do a tie-dye cake, so I did a test run on Monday. From that cake, I planned to make cake balls. 

The party is a space/alien/astronaut theme, so my cake will be a round cake with a few cake balls for eyes!  

However, Tuesday was the seven year anniversary of my grandmother's passing. She was one of the most influential women in my life and losing her was horrible. No kids napped and I was just completely overwhelmed. 


And in that moment, I took a cake ball and jammed the whole thing in my mouth.

Yipes. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not upset because I ate sugar. I've allowed myself to have some treats now and again, no big deal. 

What upsets me is that after twelve weeks of battling my sugar addiction, I really thought that in the moment, in THAT moment of stress, anxiety, overwhelmed-ness -- I really thought I had a handle on the emotional side of the addiction.  When I eat sugar now, it's a choice. It's me saying "Hey, this is sugar, and I know it, and I choose to eat this" OR, "this isn't worth eating today!"   But in a single moment, I jammed the whole cake ball in my mouth, I don't even know if I chewed it. And it was gone. 

We recently talked in my parents' group at chuch about alcohol. The conversation struck me as similar to yesterday. The whole root of the issue is motivation.  Do I drink alcohol to get drunk or because I enjoy the taste of wine?  Same thing for me with sugar - did I eat that because I wanted to eat a treat or did I eat it out of depression, anxiety, etc?  Obviously my motivation was wrong. THAT is the upsetting part for me - I don't have a handle on it!  Hubby pointed out that my biggest sugar love has ALWAYS been cake (hello, Cake Day!) and it's absurd to think that I can be alone with a ton of cake (I did make a lot!) without a little slip. 

"Did you eat a cake ball?" "yes" 
"Did you eat ONE cake ball?" "... yes"  
"Did you stop after one?" "yes" 

"Would you have 4 months ago?" 

THERE is the good news. I DID! I stopped after that one cake ball!

So I move onward. Today when the going got tough, the tough (me) ate bacon. :-)  Today was a new (but still pretty bad) day and I avoided sugar today. Back to the detox tea and kettle chips! 

Tomorrow, Pilates!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was recently talking with some friends on a message board about New Year's resolutions. Many people said this year they would like to run a 5 or 10K. Someone else asked why so many people want to run and another person responded that running is trendy and everyone and their grandma is running (half) marathons.

I don't know if it's trendy and I don't know the implications of grandma running alongside me in my half marathon, but I'm happy for the runners! I'm by no means a fast runner, I'm not setting any land speed records - but I'm dedicated and determined.  If running was only for those "good" at it, I certainly wouldn't be doing it. Good for grandma if she's got it in her to even WALK a half marathon! I would be extremely proud if my grandma was able to say that at 70-something, she did that.  Does the presence of those slower mar the accomplishments of those that are "good" at running?  I certainly don't think so and I definitely hope it doesn't!

Is it the economy (another argument I heard for running - you only need shoes!) that's pushing more people to the roads?  I don't know. For me, it's personal accomplishment. I don't particularly ENJOY running. I don't get that "runner's high" that everyone talks about, but I am accomplishing something. This morning, I ran another 8.14 miles around the lake. There were a lot of people there that are "natural" runners, you can tell from their pace and gait. I am NOT a natural runner. It's taking work for me to get myself going, to keep myself going and not to die halfway around the lake. But I'm working at it. 
The sand, the lake. All keep my focus off the pain :-)

Regardless of the reason for so many people getting into running, I'm happy about it. I love talking to both new and accomplished runners about their journey. I'm SO grateful to hear about people who are avid runners now but who HATED it when they started. It gives me hope that someday this won't be drudgery, something I have to force myself to complete.

Friday, January 6, 2012


My personality is very all-or-nothing.  When I make a plan, I am either doing it ALL THE WAY or not at all. When I do WW, I stick to my points - I never go over my weeklies and rarely use more than just a handful. When I quit sugar, I quit ALL sugar.

However, now that I'm outside of the 8 week detox, I'm having a hard time finding a balance between militant NO SUGAR and falling back into my lifestyle. Jen is encouraging me that it's all about moderation and some sugar now and again isn't bad. But I LOVE the weight I'm losing! I'm scared that adding sugar, even in small amounts, will bring my weight back up. I am scared that, since I never lost the daily cravings, that I will fall back into the hugely addictive place I was in before my detox.

I have been allowing myself to have an apple a day, and it has been fabulous. I can't stop staring at the cookies and saying "mmmmm I want a cooookie!"  The other advice I've read is to start my week knowing that I will allow one sweet treat for the week.  Then when I encounter a sweet treat that I think I would like to have, think about my ONE treat - is what I'm currently digging on WORTH using that one treat?  Most times, I find that no, it's not really worth wasting the treat. And I get to the end of my week finding that NOTHING has been worth wasting that treat. That makes me feel like I really have changed my life!

As far as my workout goals - I'm sticking with it mostly.
  • Last Saturday, I ran 8.2 miles around the lake. 
  • Sunday, Monday & Tuesday I rested (because I couldn't move after my 8 mile run ;-))
  • Wednesday, I ran 2.51 miles on the treadmill.
  • Thursday, I had my first one hour Pilates class. Boy did I forget what Pilates does to your midsection :-) Also, since the weather is quite springy and delightful, the kids and I walked .5 miles to the park. No, wait. I walked to the park - PULLING both kids in the wagon :-)
  • Today, we have swimming lessons for both kids. I was planning to swim after their lessons, but there was a mix up and our class time was changed from 9 to 10:45.... instead, I will probably walk to the park with the kiddos again.

What do you think? How would you do "sugar in moderation"?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm enjoying an apple. 

I have loosened my restrictions on sugar, but realized I was allowing all the WRONG kinds - a chocolate covered pretzel here, a square of chocolate there...  but still not allowing fruit at all. So this afternoon, when the cravings struck (I think allowing the "wrong" sugar has amplified the afternoon cravings) I reached for an apple. Oh my goodness, it tastes AMAZING! I've never been a huge fan of apples. Give me a few the week after we go apple picking the fall, but I don't eat them beyond that.  However today it is a whole new thing for me. This apple (Jazz apple) tastes so sweet! It's totally hitting the spot for me this afternoon!  So I'm going to be disposing of the leftover Christmas cookies, candy and drinks so that I am not tempted anymore.

I did gain another pound this week. I'm not sure if it's the little amount of sugar I have allowed or if it is because I haven't tracked my WW points at all. Either way, it all ends today. My hubby goes back to work tomorrow so it's back to the routine!  I also am close enough to finished nursing that I took those extra points off of my Weight Watchers totals. So I've gone from 44 points daily to *gulp* 27!

I started my training plan on Saturday with a nice 8 mile run. I won't lie, I'm a HURTING PUPPY today, but it felt AWESOME! Around mile 7.5, I realized that I was *just hitting* the 1 hour, 30 min mark - the amount of time it took me to run 6.2 in October!  Very excited to see that, even though I'm a Sssssllllooowww runner, I'm improving. 
From my lake run on Saturday