Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For the sweet tooth

Even after the 8 week detox, I still find myself wanting something sweet now and again. I saw this recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie and HAD to try it!

I am glad I read the directions before buying the ingredients. She mentions a can of coconut milk. I have purchased a CARTON of coconut milk before, but found that the consistency of the canned coconut milk is VASTLY different. Honestly, it looked a lot like spackle to me, while the carton looks like watered down cow milk.

I wound up adding three packets of Stevia to mine. I tried it between every addition and it was TOO bitter until I hit that third one.  Mine came out as more of a mousse consistency than a frosting, but it hit the spot either way.

Very yummy! I highly recommend it for the quitting sugar crowd (after your 8 weeks, of course. :-))


  1. So, does it taste like frosting? ;)

  2. More mousse-like than frosting (it doesn't have the heavy consistency that a buttercream would have) but very good flavor! I may try an almond flavoring next time!

    Would I use this to ice a cake? No way.