Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm enjoying an apple. 

I have loosened my restrictions on sugar, but realized I was allowing all the WRONG kinds - a chocolate covered pretzel here, a square of chocolate there...  but still not allowing fruit at all. So this afternoon, when the cravings struck (I think allowing the "wrong" sugar has amplified the afternoon cravings) I reached for an apple. Oh my goodness, it tastes AMAZING! I've never been a huge fan of apples. Give me a few the week after we go apple picking the fall, but I don't eat them beyond that.  However today it is a whole new thing for me. This apple (Jazz apple) tastes so sweet! It's totally hitting the spot for me this afternoon!  So I'm going to be disposing of the leftover Christmas cookies, candy and drinks so that I am not tempted anymore.

I did gain another pound this week. I'm not sure if it's the little amount of sugar I have allowed or if it is because I haven't tracked my WW points at all. Either way, it all ends today. My hubby goes back to work tomorrow so it's back to the routine!  I also am close enough to finished nursing that I took those extra points off of my Weight Watchers totals. So I've gone from 44 points daily to *gulp* 27!

I started my training plan on Saturday with a nice 8 mile run. I won't lie, I'm a HURTING PUPPY today, but it felt AWESOME! Around mile 7.5, I realized that I was *just hitting* the 1 hour, 30 min mark - the amount of time it took me to run 6.2 in October!  Very excited to see that, even though I'm a Sssssllllooowww runner, I'm improving. 
From my lake run on Saturday

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