Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back in the Game!

I took a month(ish) off from being completely sugar free. I had a great piece of cake at my son's birthday party (with a spoonful of ice cream!) and it was awesome. I had a cake ball the next day.  And for two weeks in a row, I didn't lose weight (gained 1lb!) So I'm back to no sugar for awhile, just to jumpstart the loss again. In addition to not losing, my joints have started hurting and I've been INCURABLY hungry! So I figured back to basics! I plan on doing a week with absolutely no sugar, then allowing fruit again.  We'll see if I'll be adding any "treat' sugars back in, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

I went to the gym yesterday, even though it was a great day to curl up in pjs and watch movies all day. I thought I'd just get on the treadmill and see what happened, planning only to walk slowly and not really thinking I would get very far before giving up.  What happened? I wound up running 5 miles! In fact, I ran it at a 12 min/mile pace, which although it's still slow is the fastest I've ever run a complete distance before!

So much for a leisurely walk :-)

But it was good and reaffirming about running on a treadmill, which I'm finding I dislike more than I thought I did.

If you need some running music, be sure to check out Rock My Run - great mixes that keep me going for all my miles! I hate having to skip songs or fumble with my music during my runs, and the long (hour +!) mixes really change things up but keep them motivating. It's really changed the way I've focused while running.

So here's my calendar, updated with this week + the last two training.  (my "planned" workouts are timed, my actual workouts are the all day boxes)

Disney Princess Half Marathon Update - We leave in FIVE WEEKS!! WOOOOOO! I'm up to 8.2 miles. Hoping (if the weather goes above 40 degrees!) to get a 9 mile run in this weekend. If the weather is still cold - will be attempting that distance on the treadmill!

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