Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was recently talking with some friends on a message board about New Year's resolutions. Many people said this year they would like to run a 5 or 10K. Someone else asked why so many people want to run and another person responded that running is trendy and everyone and their grandma is running (half) marathons.

I don't know if it's trendy and I don't know the implications of grandma running alongside me in my half marathon, but I'm happy for the runners! I'm by no means a fast runner, I'm not setting any land speed records - but I'm dedicated and determined.  If running was only for those "good" at it, I certainly wouldn't be doing it. Good for grandma if she's got it in her to even WALK a half marathon! I would be extremely proud if my grandma was able to say that at 70-something, she did that.  Does the presence of those slower mar the accomplishments of those that are "good" at running?  I certainly don't think so and I definitely hope it doesn't!

Is it the economy (another argument I heard for running - you only need shoes!) that's pushing more people to the roads?  I don't know. For me, it's personal accomplishment. I don't particularly ENJOY running. I don't get that "runner's high" that everyone talks about, but I am accomplishing something. This morning, I ran another 8.14 miles around the lake. There were a lot of people there that are "natural" runners, you can tell from their pace and gait. I am NOT a natural runner. It's taking work for me to get myself going, to keep myself going and not to die halfway around the lake. But I'm working at it. 
The sand, the lake. All keep my focus off the pain :-)

Regardless of the reason for so many people getting into running, I'm happy about it. I love talking to both new and accomplished runners about their journey. I'm SO grateful to hear about people who are avid runners now but who HATED it when they started. It gives me hope that someday this won't be drudgery, something I have to force myself to complete.


  1. 8 miles is pretty awesome. I can do a run/jog/walk of 3 miles at the moment and I cant even imagine what kind of will power you need to do 8 miles!
    -Monica Z

  2. I'm somewhere between it feeling like drudgery and a total addiction. I started running for reals in December, and now I MISS IT on my rest days. Two weekends ago we got a boatload of snow and it was a "scaleback" week anyway, so I took an extra 2 days off - 3 days of rest, and that day back was horrible, both mentally and physically. Still, every day when I start getting my running clothes on, there's 70% of me that wants to go and 30% of me that tries to talk myself out of it.