Friday, January 6, 2012


My personality is very all-or-nothing.  When I make a plan, I am either doing it ALL THE WAY or not at all. When I do WW, I stick to my points - I never go over my weeklies and rarely use more than just a handful. When I quit sugar, I quit ALL sugar.

However, now that I'm outside of the 8 week detox, I'm having a hard time finding a balance between militant NO SUGAR and falling back into my lifestyle. Jen is encouraging me that it's all about moderation and some sugar now and again isn't bad. But I LOVE the weight I'm losing! I'm scared that adding sugar, even in small amounts, will bring my weight back up. I am scared that, since I never lost the daily cravings, that I will fall back into the hugely addictive place I was in before my detox.

I have been allowing myself to have an apple a day, and it has been fabulous. I can't stop staring at the cookies and saying "mmmmm I want a cooookie!"  The other advice I've read is to start my week knowing that I will allow one sweet treat for the week.  Then when I encounter a sweet treat that I think I would like to have, think about my ONE treat - is what I'm currently digging on WORTH using that one treat?  Most times, I find that no, it's not really worth wasting the treat. And I get to the end of my week finding that NOTHING has been worth wasting that treat. That makes me feel like I really have changed my life!

As far as my workout goals - I'm sticking with it mostly.
  • Last Saturday, I ran 8.2 miles around the lake. 
  • Sunday, Monday & Tuesday I rested (because I couldn't move after my 8 mile run ;-))
  • Wednesday, I ran 2.51 miles on the treadmill.
  • Thursday, I had my first one hour Pilates class. Boy did I forget what Pilates does to your midsection :-) Also, since the weather is quite springy and delightful, the kids and I walked .5 miles to the park. No, wait. I walked to the park - PULLING both kids in the wagon :-)
  • Today, we have swimming lessons for both kids. I was planning to swim after their lessons, but there was a mix up and our class time was changed from 9 to 10:45.... instead, I will probably walk to the park with the kiddos again.

What do you think? How would you do "sugar in moderation"?

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