Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"I could never do that!"

About four out of five people who hear I've "quit sugar" respond with "Oh, I could never do that!"

But you COULD.  It's not brain surgery, it's not something that requires years of study or patience or skill.  It's just something that, in my case, HAD to be done. I know now that sugar was standing between me and the life I want to (and was meant to!) be living!  I'm approaching my first goal weight. I'm able to run longer/faster/further than before. My emotions are in check. I FEEL better.

So for all of the people that comment on the blog saying I'm "inspiring" or "doing the impossible" - I URGE you. Try it. Give yourself a WEEK.   I'd tried "detoxing" before I did this. I would be talking to my hubby and would throw a handful of chocolate chips in my mouth - without even realizing I was doing it!

If I can go from mindless sugar binging to being sugar free for SIX WEEKS - So can you. 

I used to crave sugar to the points where I would eat marshmallows off the floor of my pantry - If I can quit emotional eating - So can you.

I could NOT drink coffee with less than 4Tbsp of flavored creamer -  If I can adjust to life (coffee!!!) without sugar - SO CAN YOU.

So don't read this blog and think "Wow, that's admirable, but it's not for me."  Instead, I challenge you - ONE week. Give it ONE WEEK to try this whole "sugar free" experience. I promise you, you will FEEL better; you will LOOK better; you will be HEALTHIER than you've ever been.

So do it. Make a commitment. Start today. Post a comment and let me know you're with me. And if you need support, I will support you! Heck, I'll send you my number and if you have an emergency, we'll text until you're through it. I feel that strongly about this decision.

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