Monday, January 21, 2013

Three week update.

(sorry for the break in posts! My little guy turned 2 and I've been busy planning his party and executing it!) 

So we started our clean eating adventure three weeks ago.  I am (unofficially) down about 6 lbs and I feel great! My kids are really loving it (but again, I'm not keeping them as strict as I'm keeping hubby and myself!)

Once you get a routine, it's actually quite easy to maintain! I feel like it's easier to do this than IQS because IQS was eliminated even NATURAL sugars- honey, maple syrup, molasses. Now that I can incorporate those into our food, it seems like it's a breeze to keep up with! 

Meal plan for this week: 

Monday: Portobello mushroom stir fry (meatless) served with brown rice
Tuesday: Italian crockpot chicken served with quinoa and a salad.
Wednesday: Pulled pork poblano verde (yes, again, it was THAT good), homemade guacamole, brown rice & salad. (or maybe serving in a wrap, I haven't decided yet)
Thursday: Smoked turkey breast, baked sweet potatoes, fresh green beans & salad
Friday: Chicken sausage with sloppy peppers
Saturday: out for dinner (will be as clean as possible!)
Sunday: Trader Joe's 17 bean soup, grilled cheese (with Ezekiel bread) and salad.

I've been working out a ton. Today I worked out harder than I can remember ! And in the midst of it, I realized I have a half marathon in 12 weeks! So I will be phasing out of some of my classes again to shift to more running. It was 18ยบ out this am and you could tell all the outside runners were on the dreadmills today! I am hoping the weather breaks a little in the afternoons so that I can run with AJ in the stroller while he naps. I know I can go 5-6 miles on a treadmill, but getting up into longer runs REALLY requires a trip to the park/running trail! 

My goals for my race: 
Realistic goal: Sub-2:15 half marathon
STRETCH goal: Sub-2:05 half marathon. 

I think if I start really training now, I can meet my realistic goal no problems. I think if I PUSH myself, I can meet my stretch goal too.  I guess we'll see in 12 weeks!

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