Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day, etc....

I know, radio silence.

I joined 2 weight loss challenges (diet bet-style) in January. My goal was to lose 4% of my body weight. I faltered around the first few weeks of January, but got my act together the very last week and started really researching macros again. On January 31, my weigh out POINT THREE POUNDS from my 4% goal. I can't explain how irritated I was at myself for letting that happen! BUT between Jan 25 and the 30, I dropped over 2lbs. JUST following my macro numbers TO A TEE.

I saw so much success in just those few days with macros ("IIFYM") that I have been following this religiously for the last several weeks. My weight continues to go down and - maybe more importantly - I don't feel restricted or "bad" or wrong if I eat something "off plan" - because there is NO OFF PLAN!

Whole30 is amazing - I think everyone should try it - but it's just not a way of life for me. If I had discovered a sensitivity or allergy to a food or food group, maybe it would be easier to tolerate. But I have a problem where if you tell me I can't have something, I want NOTHING ELSE but that one thing and when I do have it, I have ALL of it.

The other thing about IIFYM is that I think I'm finally giving my body enough calories of the right quality. I'm meeting a protein goal of 144g/day (my objective is to hit +/- 5g of my goal), my carb rate is 206g and my fat is 73g.

I actually quite enjoy playing "Macro Tetris" at night to see what will fit with my leftover macros. I need to get better about spreading them out throughout the day for sure - One day last week I had a 227g of Greek yogurt with 1 1/2 servings of almond flake cereal haha!  So my goal is to start averaging out my macros and hitting specific numbers at each meal.

I'll get putting my progress pictures up. I will say, January wasn't a total bust. I lost 7.5 lbs total and 10" over my body in general! Now that the baby is sleeping (WOOHOO) I have been excited to get to the gym more and work out! I am re-starting Jamie Eason's LiveFit training - day one was last week. However due to schedule issues, I will be stretching it out a LOT more than I did last time. I was generally on point with Phase 1, but I know as the workouts get longer, I will need to make adjustments to how many times a week I go. Plus - I am DYING to get out and run! We moved to a new area last June and there is an amazing people trail that I CANNOT wait to get on with the jogging stroller!

So the next few weeks, months will be balance - balancing my family with my health, balancing my macros, balancing my time.

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