Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to hear about my WI on Monday.   Let me calm your hopes - I didn't make goal :(

Saturday I wound up visiting Urgent Care in the evening for what I thought was strep.  Turns out it was a virus, but I was wallowing in my pain and had stopped at the store for some (sugar free) vanilla ice cream and (sugar free) chocolate fudge. Sunday I could do nothing but eat (hello sugary things! bring on the cravings!) and Monday AM I was at 151.  Granted, last week I weighed in at 151.5 so still a LOSS (the scale is moving in the right direction!) but not my official GOAL. I was sad, but such is life.

As a sidebar, when you're quitting sugar keep in mind that things like Splenda and Stevia are all still "sugars." You are just replacing real sugar with a fake sweetness - which doesn't actually detox your body.  If you're going for a full sugar detox, you must cut all of it from your system for awhile. If you keep giving your body the "sweet" it's craving, you'll never get away from the grasp of the addiction.

Instead, I went to the gym. I ran a 5K in 30 min and lifted (some heavier weights than usual, too!) I missed spinning on Friday and yoga on Tuesday thanks to a sick kiddo (same sick kiddo but two different illnesses- that's how we roll.)

But since E is all better, tomorrow I will ship her off to school, the little man off to the child care at the gym and I will be SPINNING my heart out! I will miss Pilates this week because of a kiddo dentist appointment, but hope to get right back to it with another spin class on Friday.

I've talked Jen into taking a spin class with me. Leave her some love and let her know she'll do just fine :-) It really is addicting! I can see why people keep going.   There is something cathartic about working out until you are drenched that really makes it worth it.

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