Thursday, May 10, 2012

Off Topic

... but still super important.

I don't normally talk about things other than the diet/training/weight loss stuff here, but this is important enough that I need to address it.

My friend Jen has a beautiful baby girl, 16 months old, named Ainsley. She has never left the NICU/PICU and is in some pretty severe health right now. If you're the praying type, if you "send vibes," if you chant or whatever it is you do - please please do it.  

You can read all of Ainsley's story at Jen's blog, Maybe If You Just Relax. But just know, Jen is an amazing friend and amazing person who's had one heck of a year.  And Ainsley has a smile that lights up a big, big room.  And right now, there's nothing I can do for them except ask as many people as I can to pray for her - for Ainsley, for Jen & her husband, for their other daughter.

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  1. Prayer is the most important thing you can do, Nic. Don't ever think it's the only thing you can do for them; it's the thing!