Sunday, July 29, 2012

New fitness "goal"

Jen and I were talking tonight about water drinking. I am SO bad about it. I can't drink water before my coffee in the am (Jen was saying how she drinks at least 20oz before breakfast! She's so good!) and I have to FORCE myself to chug massive amounts at a time to meet my daily 64oz (IF I do meet it.) I'm picky - I think tap water tastes bad. In my house, I've realized that basement water tastes worse than upstairs bathroom water!  

So my new goal is to drink more water.  Water BEFORE my coffee in the am. Increase my total water intake for the day. 


This week (July 30) - 64oz daily
Next week (Aug 6) - 100oz daily

Will be adding this to my calendar. I like to track things in a color-coded fashion if you couldn't tell!

Do you drink enough water? If not, will you join me in my new goal?

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