Saturday, November 24, 2012


My friends, I have been MIA for awhile. I apologize for that. I seem to have extremely "on" weeks followed by extremely "off" weeks. I have not only fallen off the wagon but I've rolled down the cliff too.

I quit quitting sugar but I know I need to get back there. I just FEEL icky! My stomach is squishy, my joints hurt, my tummy is icky.

I have a new focus, though. A few weeks ago, I had my body fat percentage "read" (assessed?) It turned out to be higher than I'd hoped, but less than I expected. I am pleased that my body fat reading was 26.4%. I think I would be far more satisfied with that number if I'd had this done a year & a half ago when I got serious about losing weight. However, I will definitely take this number happily.

My next fitness goal is to drop my body fat percentage. I have been formulating some weight routines so that I can add to my workouts. I do minimal weight training in my circuit class but I know that's not enough.

My plan looks like this as of today (but if you've been around awhile you know those can change ;))

MONDAY: Cardio plus class + circuit class + upper body lifting plan
TUESDAY: Yoga + ab routine
WEDNESDAY: Cardio plus class + circuit class + lower body lifting plan
THURSDAY: Pilates + running (hopefully 2-5 miles)
SATURDAY or SUNDAY: run/spin (some cardio)

I plan to have my body fat levels reassessed every 4-6 weeks. My first goal will be just before Christmas - I would like to see a 2% reduction.

Monday will start another detox attempt. I am also moving towards a more "clean" lifestyle although I won't force it on my family. Of course their eating habits will change a bit based on how I am cooking but I won't restrict them in any way. I would love to get to a place where we are eating mostly protein/plants but we shall see. Any advice on how to get there? Any great tips for cutting the processed foods from our life?


  1. I'm on the same boat as you! My stomach is looking "bleh" lately and my diet has fallen through the cracks. It's easier taking baby steps when trying to get on a cleaner path. One thing I've done was cut out all white carbs. No more white bread, cereal, rice, etc. This has helped me drop a pant size just in 2 months (without exercise.)

    I hope this helps! :)