Sunday, October 28, 2012

Post race depression

Well friends, my races are over & I've entered post race funk. I don't know when or how far my next race will be (even though everyone keeps asking!!). This week I fell off the wagon - hard. I'm drinking coffee again (which was the plan) but also have allowed more sugary treats than I had anticipated.

Monday I will start focusing on weight loss again instead of training for something. I'm looking forward to spinning & Pilates again. Most of all, I'm looking forward to seeing that magic goal number on the scale!

I'm going to also attempt something radical for me - BALANCE. I'm very much an all-or-nothing personality. It's zero tolerance on sugar or it's everything. I'm at the gym daily or I don't go at all. I'm going to try exceptionally hard to achieve a more balanced lifestyle, to recognize that one slip isn't the end & that I can skip a day here and there!

I'm spending the next few days cleaning, organizing and finishing up some crafty things, both personal (my little Halloween pirates are still costume-less!!) and professional (some cool new things are coming to Spaghetti on the Wall soon!). But Monday morning I can't wait to get back to my circuit class and give it my ALL!


  1. I hear you! I know I didn't do a half marathon but I worked damn hard for that 10K and now I feel kind of lost about what to do with exercise! I need a new plan! It also sucks when people close to you don't seem to share the excitement of your accomplishment...I worked hard people...this is huge for someone who couldn't run a mile 6 months ago! Oh well...I'll figure it out! I fall into the all or nothing camp a lot too but I'm doing better with that over the past couple years!

    1. Sara, you ROCKED the 10K!!! Wanna plan another race? :-)