Saturday, October 13, 2012

Detox Day 6: FINALLY

Today was it. The first day I didn't fall asleep watching my kids play, yawn through a drive somewhere or pass out the second I stopped moving!! I started taking a sub-lingual B-12 supplement, I don't know if that helped with my energy level or if getting a full night of sleep (the baby went to sleep pretty easily last night-not perfect like usual, but I wasn't in there all night!)

I've been really careful about my sugar! Wanna see?
And the sugar that I HAVE eaten? Lactose (the "ok" kind in milk) and the sugars from my apple that I put in my juice.  That's IT.

Today was no different:

(this is so much easier than typing it all out :-) and so much more truth telling too!!!)

So tomorrow is the FIRST of the TWO big races!

10K is tomorrow am.  Tonight, I will be putting my Minnie Mouse costume together, getting my running shoes ready (complete with red laces!) and hydrating! Remembering to use body glide in the am (I've had some OUCHY races in the past! No more!), applying KT tape before we leave, and of course bringing my bib (which has my "beer me" sticker on the back!).

Hopefully will be checking in tomorrow with a PR!

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