Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ooooohhhh boy.

Loving my FitNut family this month!

Start: 170
First weigh in: 167.5
Second weigh in: 166

It's still a good 10lbs over where I'm comfortable, but I'm at least going in the right direction finally. 

I have been using my Garmin inside for activities like my cardio and circuit classes, having dance parties with my littles and playing Wii Zumba (411 calories burnt today, whoop whoop!).  Tomorrow, with the temperatures supposedly hitting mid 50's, I am looking forward to getting outside for a run! 

Goals for this week: 

  2. More consistent eating - I've found that on days I work out, I'm at less than a net of 1200 calories by bedtime. Which leads me to eat crap to "make up" my calories - NOT what I need to be doing! One of my teammates just suggested dividing my daily caloric allowance to give me a meal "goal". I think this is a great idea! I am going to try to actually stick to this!   
  3. Working out 3 times at the gym/outside, 2 times at home.  Just need to get the miles in, especially since we're having a little challenge to see who can log the most miles this week!

So to accomplish #1, I am going to make sure I have salad prepared so I have NO excuses not to serve it with every meal. I have to maximize my intake, especially since we've gotten some AMAZING co-op deliveries lately! 

#2 will be more difficult. If I divide my daily calories (1720) by 4, I get 430 calories per meal. 430 calories for BREAKFAST!??  That will be a huge challenge!! I am definitely going to be challenged by this one.  Then will be attemping 2-215 calorie snacks.  This is my BIGGEST goal for the week. 

#3 should be pretty easy. My daughter is off school on Monday and has a half day on Friday but I should be able to get my workouts in for sure!

So while I'm not thrilled, I'm still at it!! 

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