Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meal Planning and workouts

I'm going through another food overhaul. Remember how I mentioned I need to clean up my eating in my last post? Well, I was about mid-way through reading It Starts With Food. Since finishing the book, I have decided my family will be doing a Whole30, starting as soon as I can find the nerve. :-)

I'm trying not to say "I want to wait until..." because there is ALWAYS something else. I want to wait until - after my mom's next visit, after our cheese is gone, after Easter, after 4th of July, after school starts - before you know it, it's September!  So I know I just need to do it now. Hopefully, we can do the Whole30 and discover exactly what makes us tick.  I don't want to live a life of extremes, but I do know that we all need a good reset.  Lots of junk (sugar, alcohol, grains) is plaguing my family right now. My son would be THRILLED if he could eat cereal, toast and a scone every morning for breakfast. His little heart is going to be broken at the lack of O's for awhile. But ya know what? He'll adapt.  He luckily also loves "eggies" so I know there will be LOTS of those on our menu.  He's good with veggies too!  The tough cookie with veggies will be my lovely daughter.  She is very good about eating whatever protein we give her, but veggies can sometimes be a fight. Lately, she's been a rockstar, so I'm hoping that awesome rockstar-ness continues.

Obviously I know I can't control every morsel in their (or even my hubby's!) mouths.  I am just trying to give them the best foundation I can.

Yesterday's leg day stats.
I am still working through the Jamie Eason plan. Leg day yesterday was KILLER. I haven't felt this much (good) pain in awhile!  Today was back/bicep and I am not feeling the pain yet, but I feel STRONGER.  The weather yesterday and today is unbelievable, so we've been outside nonstop. Little Guy and I went to the zoo yesterday and enjoyed the sun. Then we played kickball as a family after dinner!   Today, he and I went to the lake on a walk after the Y, then played outside until lunch. We're hanging out inside for a little rest, but will head outside shortly to watch for big sis to come home on the bus.  Then it will be MORE playing outside. :-) I love this weather (curses on the SNOW that is predicted for tomorrow!!)

Hoping to get my body fat tested tomorrow. Last time I had it checked, I was at 28% - Yikes!! Hoping Whole30 will help that aspect too.

All in all, I am feeling good. I spent our outside time perusing  Well Fed and Well Fed 2 for recipes. Most of them - mouthwatering. Truly excited to revolutionize our eating for awhile!!

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