Thursday, March 13, 2014

Whole30 Date & Another Leg Day

Well, we have an official start date for Whole30 - March 30.  My mom is visiting and she said that if we waited until she was here, she'd do it with us! Here's me holding her to that promise! <3  I have several other friends that have said they were interested in joining us too - You know who you are ;-)  Maybe we'll have to start a FB page or a weekly check in post! 

Tomorrow is leg day again. This week in Jamie Eason's training, one extra day of training is added to the weekly plan. It's a repeat of the muscle group that's "lagging."   My legs aren't lagging, but as a runner, I'm mostly interested in growing the strength there.  So tomorrow is leg day again. 

My legs still hurt from Monday

On the off chance I can WALK normally tomorrow, I can't wait to have another four days of pain! Yippee! :-) 

I had a shining moment today, a big NSV for me and moreover, a MENTAL win.  I was at the grocery store picking up a few things I needed to make lettuce wraps (Zomg, you must try them!) and I wandered past the refrigerated coffee creamers.  I thought to myself "I won't be able to have this anymore - maybe just one more before I'm done."  Then something struck me and I was able to put it back. I thought "You have ALREADY detoxed from this - WHY would you add it back to your diet only to have to pull it out again??!!"  

 Seriously - this is going to be challenging enough. And I have full understanding that my life is NOT over because of this meal plan. I am hoping that the proof is overwhelming after 30 days that I FEEL better and I AM better because of the fuel I am putting in my body. I am already drooling over so many of the recipes we've looked at that I honestly can't wait to get started!  It will be an adjustment! I want my family to benefit, but I don't know how my carb loving kiddos will react when I tell them no more breakfast cereal, crackers at lunch or rice with dinner!   But one thing I have always believed and have stuck to - if it's on your plate, you try it - and I am NOT a short order cook. I make one meal for the family, take it or leave it.  So I will either come out the other side of this with amazingly adventurous little eaters or some VERY hungry little people!! 

Next few weeks, I will spend time trying to ease carbs out of my life gradually so that April 1 isn't a shell shock. I've already started loading my plate up with more veggies than anything else, most night passing on whatever starch/carb is being served.  My afternoons - lunchtime to before dinner - does NOT look like that, but I am working towards it. 

Baby steps!

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