Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm a snacker. I always have been and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon. Before Weight Watchers, snacks could be anything from M&M's to an entire bag of ranch potato chips. On WW, my go to snacks were fruits because almost all are 0 Points. But after finding out that fruits are sugar-filled little gems that we have to elminate from meal plans during the detox, I panicked. What in the world am I going to eat?!

I've been at this for exactly two weeks now (with a bump in the road, but two weeks none the less)! And in that time I've realized that while I still snack, I snack a lot less. I'm realizing that most of my mid-day munching was out of boredom or habit. Even when I was choosing fruit as a healthy option, I still didn't need it. I wasn't doing it because I was hungry, but rather I was just looking for something to do, a way to pass the time.

Feeling limited in my options made me realize that I have been consuming a lot of unncessary calories/Points/grams of sugar/whatever measurement you care to use without needing to. But there were and still are times when my stomach growls at me for food and it's not quite a meal time (or more likely I'm running behind and just don't have dinner ready yet). So what then?

My new go-to snacks these last couple weeks have become:
- Ridiculous amounts of hot tea
- Raw veggies like carrots, cucumber, jicama, cherry tomatoes
- Lean turkey lunchmeat with a slice or two of cheese
- Whole wheat crackers with a tablespoon of sugar-free peanut butter
- 94% fat-free popcorn
- Hardboiled eggs
- 1/4 cup of almonds
- Celery sticks filled with a mix of Swanson's canned chicken & Frank's Red Hot Sauce (an amazing buffalo chicken replacement during these exciting baseball games too!)

Any other filling, yet sugar-free ideas for me?


  1. Hello! And thanks for your comments on my blog (! Congrats on your sugar free efforts thus far. Like you, I am drinking HUGE amounts of tea - different varieties - peppermint is a regular, green tea occasional and licorice tea is a godsend when I feel like something sweet.

    I'm snacking on nuts, watercrackers and cheese. I even bought a tub of pringles the other day. Not good for me fats wise... but sort of satisfying to have something "naughty" without the sugars (and I can actually stop - unlike sugary foods where I will just keep going until its all gone).

    Keep up the great work - stay in touch!

  2. I've been finding that the more cinnamon I add to something, the less sugar i've needed to add. Lately, I've been digging on: plain yogurt w/ coconut milk & cinnamon & milk. It's been ultra fast w/ no need to dirty blender, just a spoon. (sometimes i add OJ or agave nectar, but I guess those are no-nos now,eh?)

  3. I usually just drink water. Which lasts 5-10 mins then I drink more water. I also read the best way to lose weight is to eat every 2 hours. Which is at time hard to do. :-)