Saturday, October 29, 2011

Full Disclosure

I am invested in this process 100%.  So I'm laying it all on the line and posting not only my before and during pictures, but also my measurements and *gasp!* my weight change. Mostly because I know the scale can only go down from here.  

I turned 30 one week ago. A few days before my birthday, I told everyone I knew that my 30s are going to be my "best decade EVER!" I'm doing more for my health now than ever before - things I never would have done (primarily running and quitting sugar!) have become the center of my inward focus. I want to be HEALTHY for my kiddos. I want to run and play and feel GOOD, not dread them asking me to run around outside with them. 

So, here is it, the nitty gritty. It's not pretty, friends. But it will be... oh, I know it will be! 

So here I am on October 25, 3 days into the sugar detox. I'm hoping that the pooch around my middle is going to start shrinking now!

 For some reference, I was 173 when I quit sugar on 10/22/11!

Keep an eye on those hips/waist numbers! I have a feeling cutting out sugar is going to get those numbers dropping very quickly.

 My goal is to start running 2-3 times a week (as soon as I can kick this nasty cold I've had all week!)  in an effort to train for the Disney half marathon.  I would also like to run another 10K before the end of December!

Anyone else want to share their fitness/weight loss goals?


  1. You are my idol! I'm going to gear up and hopefully jump on the band wagon .... soon. Boy,what you're doing takes a lot of guts. You're going to do fabulous!!! I'm very excited for you!

  2. First off I think you look great! I am also happy that you have decided to get on this workout/run kick. Secondly, I think and I am sure you remember this, that you should lift a little weight along with doing cardio. Remember every pound of muscle on your body means 50 cals a day more of burn. Also, lifting will prevent your body from consuming lean muscle when you do your cardio and will focus your calorie burn on fat. But best of luck to you! Keep it up!