Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Story: Nic

You will notice the blog happens in two voices - myself and one of my best friends, Jen.  She and I have the same health goals right now - quit the sugar addiction and to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2012.

I go through periods of time where I work out, eat healthily, do what I need to do. But I always yo-yo back up to my uncomfortable weight.  I had infertility problems when trying to get pregnant and the fertility medications shot my weight up to an all time high of 180. I had my first baby (E) in 2008. I took until she was 18 months old to really get into caring for myself again. Shortly after a miscarriage in February 2010, I started running. I have always HATED running (I have bad knees!) but had an epiphany one night watching The Biggest Loser. "If that guy who is 400 lbs can run - so can I!"  And I did. I started running like crazy and I joined Weight Watchers. I watched my baby weight (using that term loosely, she was almost 2 years old :-)) melt away!

And then? I found out I was pregnant.  Because of my miscarriage I was afraid to keep running. I kept moving, though, taking E on walks and to the zoo.  The end of my pregnancy found me at 210lbs!! I had A in January 2011. I went back on Weight Watchers as soon as I was approved and went back to running when I was able (which wound up being around May).

I was sitting at 180lbs and couldn't shake it! No wonder - my days and nights were filled with Nutella s'mores, ice cream, cakes and cookies!! I can't eat just ONE cookie, I have to have four. There are days I would eat 20+ points in sugary substances!

July 2011 I ran my first 5K with Jen.  It was a balmy 97 degrees at 8am when we started the race. But we survived, we even THRIVED doing it!


Beer After ;-)

The kids make regular training pretty challenging, so I wasn't running regularly throughout the summer (that and most days this summer were over 100 degrees!!).  I started running more in the fall and try to get out for at least one run a week.

In October, Jen and I ran in a 10K. I finished in 1hr, 27min!  I know I'm not breaking any speed records, but I'm beating everyone on the couch :-)

I'm still hanging between 171-173lbs. My first goal is 165, stretch being 150 (DREAM being 145!)  Most recently, I've come to the realization that my body is addicted to sugar. My current plan is to cut out all sugar to wean my body. 

Which brings us to today - day three of my detox.  I'm horribly sick - head cold, my whole body aches, a number of things we won't discuss here....  but I haven't had any sugar since Saturday!! AND I am down 2lbs since then as well!

Jen will be introducing herself in the next few days at well. I will be posting again soon about my experience and plan so far for cutting the sugar.


  1. Have you ever seen Run Fatboy Run?

    Or Run Lola Run, for that matter?

    (these are 2 very different types movies, by the way. but both fun for different reasons. 2nd one is DEFINITELY for after the kids go to bed. 1st one is romantic comedy.)

  2. Oh hai, you could have written this about me. I'm stuck at 180lbs. This is actually 5lb lower than my pre-pg weight with my 8mo old, but it's annoying that I've been training for a half marathon for 2 1/2 months, and my weight is exactly the same as it was before I started. Heck, I even lost 5lb from a stomach bug in Dec, and that came right back and here I still sit at 180. I know sugar is the root of everything, so I'm excited to hopefully move past it!