Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eight Weeks - Complete!

Today is the END of week 8 for my detox! It's been a HUGE challenge to do this, but I'm so glad I did!

Here are my stats as of today:

So overall, I'm VERY pleased! This might give you an indication as to why I'm so thrilled:
If you'll notice, I was swimming right along until about July. Then - stopped. I didn't do anything different, I just went into a plateau mode.  And also notice - detox begins the day after I turn the big 3-0.  And look at me now!

Please excuse me blending into the wall...
I would like to note - my jeans are now 2 sizes smaller than the first picture (they were 16's in the first picture!) and the 12s I wore today actually have breathing room!

I've set a new goal weight (as you can see in my WW screen shot) of 150lbs. I would love to be down to that by the Disney Half Marathon, but we shall see. :-)

People have asked what I plan to do now. Heck if I know! :-)  I definitely won't be headed back to the lifestyle I was leading before! I do, however, look forward to some fruit being added back into my diet! I miss that a lot. Similarly, I won't be going back to my 4-bananas-a-day habit... but I do look forward to having ONE once in awhile!  I won't be SO militant about the "hidden sugars" (ie, I will eat at restaurants without having to fuss about ordering) but I won't be bringing HFCS/corn syrup/evaporated cane juice/agave into my house. We'll use Stevia when we can and leave it out as much as possible.

I went to a potluck Christmas party tonight and made whipped sweet potatoes (you know, the dish that is usually filled with brown sugar and topped with marshmallows??)  I didn't use *any* sugar - just sweet potatoes, butter and cinnamon/allspice and got RAVE reviews! It was a sign to me that you don't ALWAYS need the sugar. I almost slipped for a Christmas cookie that looked TDF, but I made it out without one.

So stick around. There are big things coming - half marathon training ( and trying to navigate a detoxified life!!


  1. You are doing amazing!

    -Monica Z

  2. great job nic!! so awesome! i think if you keep the sugar consumption down and start getting those runs in, you will be at 150 lbs before you know it! so proud you did it!

  3. You rock...seriously...I am so so proud of you and everything you've done to get here.

  4. Way to go Nic!!! Keep up the good work!!! -Kristin Beno