Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well, we survived. :-)  Four days of family, food and fun! I'm still here to tell about it.  I did relax my restrictions on sugar a little. But something is different now.  Last year, I would eat a piece of candy, then another, then two more, then maybe another 3.....  until it was gone!

This year, my aunt flew in and made peppermint bark and espresso bark with my daughter when she got here. I tasted a small corner (maybe .5"?) and I was done.  I didn't want any more, I didn't crave any and I certainly didn't eat any! I did have a chocolate covered pretzel now and again (probably less than 10 over the last 5 days) but I wasn't compelled to eat them - I did it because I wanted to eat them!

I did gain 1lb this weekend, but I haven't tracked my WW points now since Thursday, so all in all, I do't think 1lb is too bad. I plan to get back on track starting tomorrow, EVEN with all the treats still in the house!

I knew I've reached a new place in my life on Christmas night. Everyone left for the hotel and I was cleaning up. I saw the top of a sugar cookie Chrsitmas tree and popped it in my mouth. I started chewing and thought "What the heck am I doing?!" and spat it out.  It just wasn't WORTH it to me to even finish chewing and definitely not to swallow it!

I have been getting my running in gear lately. Last Wednesday I ran 4 miles and today I went to the Y and ran 4.5! I'm getting my distance up by doing intervals. I am by no means a FAST runner, but I am trying to work on both running longer and further. The half marathon is officially TWO MONTHS from TODAY! Eeeekkkk!!!

So while nothing "bad" happened when I ate sugar, I do feel better when I don't. I plan on sticking with it, allowing incidentals and the occasional treat (most likely a 79% dark chocolate - 85% was too bitter for me still). I LOVE the way I feel, I am LOVING that I fit into smaller clothes (hello, it's been YEARS since I wore a medium ANYTHING!) and I love that people are starting to NOTICE the work I'm putting in! I am definitely staying on this track for awhile!

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  1. Good job, Nic! It's encouraging for me to see the results of your sugar detox. I will be starting my yeast candida diet after New Years, for 8 weeks. I've been gluten/dairy/egg/coffee/refined sugar-free for over two weeks now. I was making broccoli soup for my family the other night (a separate recipe for myself), wondering what the awful smell was, and here it was only the butter melting in the pot. It makes me hopeful when yummy things I know are bad for me don't even smell good anymore! :)