Thursday, December 22, 2011


I have been keeping with no sugar, although I admit I'm getting more relaxed - I missed ketchup like you can't believe!! I tried some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE sugar cookie dough the other night - probably half the dough that it would take to make a typical sugar cookie. It made me I'LL. My stomach was in knots for HOURS!! Very eye-opening to see such a strong physical response!

The busy all starts here tomorrow am when my family starts flying in from Ohio & Georgia. I'm excited for my family to see me - I haven't been this light probably since shortly after my wedding!!

I will say I had a total "Biggest Loser" moment the other day! I was going through jeans and held a pair of size 16s up to me - the difference is INCREDIBLE!! I didn't realize I've lost that much until that moment. I will be posting a picture of my "transformation moment" soon!

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