Sunday, February 17, 2013


The blog got an update! I was ready for some color changes, so I took tonight and made them! 

And .... 
Meet my new shoes! 

I originally bought New Balance shoes in the $75 range when I started running. I wasn't sure if running would "stick" back then, but two years later? I'm pretty sure it's here to stay.  So I took Saturday off from mommying (thanks to my wonderful husband) and bought myself a new pair of shoes!!

I was in my cardio drills class on Friday, which is a lot of running, plyometrics and movement. I started having knee pain (left leg) and calf pain (right leg). I almost had to stop, it was so painful! And I HATE having my body tell me I can't do something!

So now I have a new pair of shoes and I'm excited to get out and run in them! I am hoping I will start to feel less pain now that I'm not working out in old shoes.

I need a new lifting routine. I am bored with my current routine. So this week I am going to focus on reworking my plans and hopefully getting back to regularly lifting. I've been skipping my strength time and instead doing some half-hearted cardio before my classes. Hoping to improve the time I'm spending at the gym!

Here's my current schedule for working out:

Mon: Run or lift; Cardio plus class, 30 min; Circuit class, 45 min
Tues: Pilates, 30 min; Yoga, 75 min, Run
Wed: Run or lift; Cardio plus class, 30 min; Circuit class, 45 min
Thurs: Off day
Fri: Cardio drills class, 45 min; Power sculpt class, 30 min; sometimes about a half hour of my circuit class
Saturday or Sunday: Long run. The other one is an off day.

I ran 8 miles last Sunday. I ran that 8 miles in the SAME amount of time that I ran my first 10K. That's an extra TWO miles. I've shaved that much off of my race time?! That's awesome for me!  I had to run the miles on the treadmill because it was 45 degrees and raining that day, but I still managed to finish!

I skipped a long run this week because of my pain. I am hoping to get in 10 miles this week! Here's hoping!

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