Saturday, April 6, 2013

Race Weekend!

It's the big Go! St. Louis Marathon weekend here and they have a great way of getting whole families involved in the fun! Yesterday I ran to the Expo after work (WORK! I work now!) and picked up our race packets. I talked to the pace team representatives and have decided (in my head, not on paper) that I will try to stay close to the 2:15 pace runner. 

Today was the Read, Write and Run program runs for the local schools, as well as the 5K and the kid's fun run. My daughter has been looking forward to this run (and her medal :-)) for so.long! She was excited to pull out her running shorts (which she ONLY wears for races, it's too cute!) 

PURE JOY when she got that medal!

Posing :-) 

We had her run the 100 yd dash (shhhh that was for ages 5-6, but she'll be 5 in a few months! Plus, she ran a MILE in October, the 50yd dash was ridiculous!)

She did awesome. She had a smile on her face the whole time and watching her ENJOY it gave me a lot of inspiration that I will take with me tomorrow during my half!

The race shirt is a nice shade of ... well, the best description is day-glo salmon. It's not quite my cup of tea, but it's still a nice race shirt. I do LOVE the design. 
I'm in corral B. To be fair, there are only 4 corrals so B probably doesn't mean much, but I am excited about it! 

I did my checklist tonight: I have my 5 hour energy (for before we leave), my Honey Stinger (for just before the start line), my BioFreeze portable tab (for my knee, if I need it), SportBeans (I mixed a package of berry and a package of fruit punch for a personalized blend ;-) and I got my bottles filled with my typical Pink Lemonade Nuun. My race plan, as always, is to get water at the stations and stick to my Nuun and no sport drinks offered. It's always safer that way for me! 

I will be KT taping my knee in the morning for sure. It's been quite tricky lately, I'm just hoping the tape will keep it sane. I will be waiting until the end of the race to start popping pain pills since I had such a bad reaction last time. 

So here goes nothing!!!

Goal: 2:15            
STRETCH goal: 2:10          
DREAM Stretch goal: 2:05

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