Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Stats & Chance to Hope Run!!

So the stats this month aren't super thrilling, however!! My body fat percentage is down!! It was a great encouragement to see my % down since it's been such a bad week for me as far as working out. I'm having such a hard time working out and working at a job! But I'm hoping the next few weeks bring clarity for me as far as how I can fit working out back into my life. 

Satisfied that there aren't too many gains.

This weekend I did the Chance to Hope 5K on Saturday. I didn't finish the whole route, so I personally only ran 2.5 miles, but it KICKED TOTAL BUTT!  Courtney did a fabulous job coordinating the race and it was such a great day, for a great cause!

 It was better than "The" Color Run because I know the money I paid to run was put to an awesome cause.  Also, my kids had a blast running in Briley's Fun Run! A ran around all week saying "ME MEDAL TOO!" so we let him run and I'm glad we did - he hasn't taken his medal off yet!

Before and after (but not the REAL after) 

Me with my colors & kids with their medals :-) 

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