Saturday, May 18, 2013

Action Plan.

Sooooooo I've been MIA. I don't deny any of it. I just haven't nailed down how to balance everything.  I had a minor back injury a few weeks ago (from circuit, spinning or kickboxing, with cramming it all into two days a week, I just can't tell what causes pain anymore!) so I haven't been to the gym in two weeks. I can feel it. I can tell I haven't been working out and I can feel all the work I've done to get here over the last 2 years slowly slipping away. 

But it ends this week. 

I am starting the Insanity workouts. I plan to do the fit test tomorrow at some point, then start the Insanity calendar. I feel like yukky slob and while I am not gaining weight, I am DEFINITELY losing muscle. I will not be shocked if my body fat percentage sky rockets this month!

I loved kickboxing, truly, but it just doesn't fit well into my schedule. I am missing out on awesome time with my family taking up 2 evenings a week to go. I will be trying to fit in Insanity in the mornings before work and hopefully in the evenings when necessary.

I am heading out of town next weekend to meet my best friend's baby (YAY!) and while I'm away I am going to get the opportunity to work out with Callista. I am super psyched to get some tips from her on how to get back into the swing of working out. Mom of three, lawyer and training for a figure competition. 

I'm in such a rut. And I'm just digging myself in deeper.

 Not working out ð eat poorly ð feel like crap ð avoid working out even more ð etc

I am fed up. I am sick of feeling gross. This week, it's ending. I will sacrifice sleep or whatever I need to get this done. I haven't had my body fat percent checked, obviously, but I'm sure it's higher than it has been. I haven't necessarily gained weight but I can tell my clothes are fitting differently. And that is just NOT acceptable to me. Food is going to get cleaned up. I am hoping to regain my focus and get my family back to a healthy clean eating place! 

My action plan: 
  • Water - 100 oz / day
  • Workouts - Insanity (plus anytime I can get to the gym, a good workout). 
  • "Long" run weekly. Hoping for the afternoons I am off work with the baby in the jogging stroller.
  • Meal planning - I need to get back to having a plan and not falling back on mac'n'cheese and hot dogs for dinner for my family!! Lots of veggies, lots of healthy foods and cutting out all the sugar again.

Here's to new re-beginnings-again. I fell off the wagon, but I'm going to chase it back down and jump right back on it. We all take time away from our "plans" now and again, but the important part is getting back to the plan. 

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