Monday, May 20, 2013

Insanity Day 1

Well I did the Insanity Fit Test this am. I told the kids I was going to exercise and they could sit in their rooms or the living room and play.  My little girl decided she wanted to work out with me :-)  So here is a picture of me with my Mini-Me just before we started. 
My mini-me, however, only made it through the warm up before she was out of breath and said "Mommy, I think I'm done." I should have stopped with her!

I was doing pretty well, but I do see a few challenges. First, I was doing this while my husband was working from home in the basement. So I was being a little extra cautious of how hard I was landing. This caused me to lose some of my form at time. Which leads to - problem two - I actually PULLED A MUSCLE IN MY NECK while doing the power jumps. 

Only me. 

But I powered through it. I kept going in the fit test. I am sure I didn't do my best, my neck was killing me. however that just gave me hope that my 15 day test results will be awesome :-)  

Here are my results: 

Switch Kicks           45
Power Jacks         46
Power Knees         93
Power Jumps           30
Globe Jumps          8
Suicide Jumps         16
Push up Jacks         20
Low Plank Oblique 35

Nothing Earth shattering but I am happy to have done it. Now who knows if I'll be able to MOVE in the morning, but I am aiming to get up early and do the first real workout before I go to work tomorrow! 

I took "before" pictures, but there's no way I'm sharing those until I have a good "after" result :-) 

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