Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chugging along...

So Easter came and went. I did have a small lemon square at Easter brunch (it was FABULOUS). Hubby and I went on a date on Saturday and I had my first taste of almond creme brulee. I saw in that moment how far I truly have come - the crust of burnt sugar on top would have been the best part in my previous life. In this new life? I picked it all off and left it on the plate!  Fabulous!

I've been doing pretty well still. A little treat about once a week (this week is an exception!) has been great to get me through! I ran 5 miles in 53 minutes last week, my fastest pace yet! I am excited to run my next 5K, but there are SO many to choose from I just can't make up my mind :-)

I love how I'm feeling, how my tastes have changed. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good sweet treat still (I made a killer chocolate mousse yesterday!) but, as I mentioned above, not quite to the extent I used to eat sugar. Sweet potatoes and carrots are like eating candy! I'm down to 153, lowest in quite awhile, and I'm hoping the number keeps going DOWN!

Did you watch the 60 Minutes special?  Did you agree? Are you shocked that sugar affects your brain the same way cocaine does? It's crazy!! And yet believable, especially if you've experienced life free of the reins of sugar.

I don't know if you've seen this blog, but it's a great resource for sugar free living - My Years Without Sugar . She's been sugar free for over two years and still going strong! She's got a great list of natural sugars and lots of recipes as well.

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