Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Did I make this many excuses last time?! There is always some completely unneccessary reason to sneak in a little sugar...

I'm an emotional wreck.

I argued with my boyfriend.

Work has me stressed to the point of a breakdown.


It's Easter.

I'm baking and need to have a little sample to make sure it's good.

But they are just that: excuses. I have no valid reason why I can't be sugar-free. In fact, I know that I feel better when I am. I know that while my cranky self wants ice cream, it doesn't fix anything and only makes me more of an emotional mess later on. I don't need it. It's a struggle in the beginning, because I've formed these habits. I'm an addict. There's no other way around it.

I can't even blame it on a lack of support. I know Nicole is always faithful to check in on me, to encourage me. And Nick spent hours the other day searching and saving several sugar-free recipes we can make. He asks lots of questions about what has sugar, what is allowed and what isn't. So the excuses stop here.

I haven't quite figured out what to cook for Easter considering my initial menu plan (cinnamon rolls for breakfast, brown sugar & pineapple glazed ham, pies, etc.) is now not an option. But that doesn't leave me optionless... I can get a smoked ham. And I can even make a sweet glaze for others to put on the meat if they want to. We make and enjoy lots of steamed or grilled vegetables, that are much healthier than the standard casserole-type side dishes. I can still make a pie for dessert, but I don't have to sample it. I've been making the same recipe for years; I know it's good.

So the excuses stop. I have all the knowledge, all the tools, all the support. It's back to the basics - lean proteins, lots of veggies, healthy oils, cheese and dairy with no added sugars, nuts. I've done this before, so I know I can do it again. And if I can, anyone can!

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