Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A success story (that isn't me!)

I LOVE hearing this kind of thing! A friend, K, sent me a message on Facebook yesterday and I was quick to ask if I could share her experience with you guys. I love hearing other people's experiences with quitting sugar.

Hey! Just wanted to say that you inspired me to go sugar free and I have lost 8 pounds in the past 2 weeks! I feel SOOOO much better. My headaches, cravings for sugar and carbs, and bitchy attitude are nearly non existent. I haven't been doing any different kind of workouts or exercise than I was doing when I wasn't sugarfree (still just running and strength training), so I know it has been because I cut out sugar! Thanks for the motivation!
It is seriously scary the control that sugar has over me when I'm eating it. I have found myself eating insane, crazy amounts of food when I am consuming it. The cravings were constant and there was no amount that could satisfy me. I have been reading tons of info about it and am reading in many places that sugar makes the brain react in the same way it does to heroin! It sounds crazy, but I believe it. I just don't think I will ever go back to eating that way again.

I LOVE her point about how sugar has CONTROL over us! I completely agree!  I have found that when I am eating sugar, I'm eating more. Not more sugar necessarily, just more of EVERYTHING! I want to be stuffing my face all.day.long!  Now that I've quit again, my overall calorie consumption is down I would guess by half. I don't snack endlessly all day and I certainly don't crave sugar all day long.

Very interesting point about how sugar affects our brain the same way as heroin! Puts a whole new spin on it, doesn't it??  We're all just reformed junkies, aren't we??


  1. What did you start reading when you quit sugar?

    1. I read "I quit sugar" it's an ebook by Sarah Wilson http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/i-quit-sugar-ebook/

  2. A better book for really understanding WHY to give up sugar, is sweet posion by david gillespe or the quit plan by david gillespe. He really explains more of the science behind and i think its good to understand why you are giving up sugar.

    Thanks for sharing this story!
    I am 19 days sugar free and loving it!