Saturday, January 24, 2015

You know what silence means....

I might as well just reference this post again, because I wound up in the EXACT same place...

After 10 days of being on Whole30, I had lost 5 pounds, was struggling to get enough calories and had completely lost my appetite. Ordinarily, these would all be awesome results to get from this.  However, I am pregnant and I was warned by my OB that I was clear to do a Whole30 as long as I was getting enough calories.  Around day 10, I got to the same mental place where I preferred to NOT eat instead of eating compliant food. I had NO cravings and no appetite. I was barely scraping by with 1000 calories a day, where my calorie requirements are closer to 2,000!

I am a HUGE Whole30 supporter. I believed (and STILL believe) everyone should at least TRY to complete one. It's hard, I would never tell you it's easy. But it's worth it. I miss feeling awesome. I miss SLEEPING - my pregnancy-induced insomnia was gone and I would bound out of bed in the morning ready to face the day.  But I have to do what's best for me and the baby at this point. 

My husband has continued his Whole30 through today, which he planned to stop (so a Whole24). I have been keeping our family dinners compliant for his benefit. I have added in sprouted grain bread and (let's be honest here) treats!  Oh how I missed peanut butter!!

I am still 1lb below where I was on Jan 1 when I started this Whole30. My goal for this pregnancy is not to gain 40lbs, but honestly? My doctor has always ALWAYS told me how much you gain DURING pregnancy does.not.matter. It's how much you take off when you're done, in what amount of time. I am thankful for his opinion because I do tend to gain weight. But I also plan to stay more active this time than the last two times.

While I am enjoying being able to have a treat or fulfill a craving, I do miss how GOOD I felt being wholly compliant.  I am trying to make sure I am eating enough veggies (my biggest issue when not on Whole30) and to cut back on the refined sugars!

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