Thursday, April 2, 2015

Updates & What's Up Next

Well it's been awhile. Sorry about that! Things have been CRAZY around this house between trying to find a new house and getting ready for the baby (as much as possible knowing we are moving before she comes!)

Yes, if you caught that, it is a SHE!  I am 25 weeks this week. I can hardly believe it because time is moving!

I don't have any perfect way to remember, but if memory serves me, by this time in my pregnancy with my first two, I had already gained 25 lbs. So far this time, I have only gained approximately 15! I have tried to keep moving, although running just feels downright awful now. I can sprint (I should say "sprint" for me now means max of 5.5 on the treadmill!) for a few minutes, but then my hips start to feel all out of whack and I have to slow way back down.  I'm trying to keep lifting a little, DEFINITELY doing squats (they are supposed to be super beneficial for childbirth!)

Haha excuse the face. 
My food choices have been.... less than stellar. I find afternoons are the hardest and I have fallen back into a frenzied "eat all the things" place if I have any one little treat in that time. I am doing a "Whole7" with a few friends. That is usually enough time for me to reset my cravings, get my eating right and feel better (maybe my sleep will be better too!) Seven days should be enough of a reset but not enough for my body to get the the scary weight loss/stop eating place that I've gotten to the last few rounds I've attempted.

I stocked up today on veggies, almond butter, eggs and greens. Hoping to get to Whole Foods to get bacon (yay!) and some other protein sources.

So that's the update for now! Nothing amazing going on for sure.  I will try to update how this Whole7 goes, though., once we get started. :-)

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