Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm (officially) a Pretty Princess


Sunday was the half marathon in Disney. Best.experience.ever!!

We "hydrated" until 11pm. Woke up at 2:30am to put on our costumes and Jen's dad came to pick us up (the cab company I called was COMPLETELY bizarre and I didn't really believe he was going to get us!) We got to the race around 3:30 and had to walk about a mile to the start line. We waited in the corral (we started in G) for about an hour and a half. We got our fireworks and were off! Jen and I stayed together for about a mile and a half, then we split up (she was planning to walk, I was planning to run). And I DID. I ran/walked (1.5 miles running, 2 min walking). Basically I walked almost none of it :-) I cried when I saw my kids at 4.5 miles, I teared up when when I saw a woman with a poster that said "Hey total stranger, I'm so proud of you!" I teared up when I ran through the castle and when I passed a gospel choir at mile 12. I SPRINTED the last mile (and .1) and UGLY-cried at the finish line. I was shaking and cold... but it was the best experience EVER.

4:30am - Getting ready to start walking to the start line.

Running through the castle (I was a MESS in tears!!)  (and YES, those are herald trumpeters on the balcony for when you ran through the castle :-))

After the race

My splits were:

5K point in 0:41:50.
Pace: 13:28 min/Mile.

10K point in 1:23:38.
Pace: 13:28 min/Mile.

15K point in 2:05:14.
Pace: 13:26 min/Mile.

Finish point in 2:53:27.
Pace: 13:14 min/Mile.


  1. You both look ADORABLE! I think that I need to do this race next year dressed as Princess Tiana :-) I am so proud of you, your time is like my dream time, to break 3 hours. I know to speedy people that may sound silly, but for me that's the truth! Thanks for sharing your training with me along the way.

    1. Oh, no judgement here, I was THRILLED to finish in under 3 hours! I had hoped to finish between 2:45-3, so I was just fine with my results :-)

      And YES you DEF have to do it! I highly recommend it to everyone. It was such a fun experience! I hope to do it again someday but be fast enough to feel confident stopping for pictures with characters. I was just too scared I'd fall behind & get swept.

  2. What a fantastic accomplishment, Nic!!! So proud of you!! You freakin' ROCK!!! The random strangers cheering for you is always the best!

  3. Congratulations to you both! So proud of you! :)

  4. Good work girl! I'm so proud of you! And way to stay nice and consistent with your paces the entire time, that is awesome! Congrats!