Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Minor Setback!

Sunday I achieved my longest run - EVER - in my life!  I ran 12 miles!  I was shocked as I heard RunKeeper telling me my pace every half mile - up through mile 9, my pace was under 12:10/mile! Considering I don't usually finish a long run with a pace under 13:30, 12 ANYTHING was a surprise!  It was definitely a good run.  I felt good throughout and finished the 12 in 2hrs, 29 minutes. I used a Honey Stinger gel before I started (it's the "natural" choice, although their products still have evaporated cane juice, which is essentially white sugar) then used their chews during my run. They were tasty, but kind of sticky....  they won't be my supplement of choice during the race. I will probably stick with Sport Beans.

 So here's my setback - I came home from my run, soaked in Epsom salt, then ... sat down.  For the rest of hte day.

Monday, the back of my knee (not the back of my kneecap, but actually the back of my leg) is sore. It's not a constant hurt, only when I flex in a certain way...  But enough so that I don't want to risk running on it.

Today I did a 1000m swim and soaked in the hot tub (WHY haven't I done that before?!) hoping to ease the pain.

So any suggestions?  I've been using a heating pad, Aleve and resting it.

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