Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stats update

This time next week, I will be (hopefully) sleeping in anticipation of our 3:30am cab ride to the start of the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

I wanted to update my stats before I leave. I had another "ah-ha" moment tonight. I was looking at my first weight loss journey picture and compared it, side by side, to the one I took yesterday.  I guess living in my body day to day I just don't realize how much weight I've lost, but there it is in black and white (ok, it's in tan & blue, sorry the colors are so weird, my phone and the lights in our bathroom don't play nice!)

 So there you have it. Four months of weight loss.  Here are my current measurements: 

And in one year, I have lost 31lbs. 

My goal is to lose 7-12 more pounds, then I will go into maintenance mode in Weight Watchers. 

Current goal: Make it to Disney without injuring myself :-) If you know me, you know I'm clumsy. I will be walking slower, paying closer attention and wearing steel toed boots this week. :-) 


  1. Looking great!!!! Good luck for the run... look forward to the post-run blog!

    1. Thanks!! I can't wait for Sunday!!!

  2. You are beautiful! I am so excited for you!

  3. Great job, Nic!! I love the before and after pictures!!! You are crushing it!!!

  4. So exciting! You've come so far! You're totally motivating me to do this no-sugar thing. :)