Monday, June 25, 2012

Begin Again.

So my experiment last week, with not tracking, not avoiding sugar and barely working out - success AND failure!

For one, I didn't really gain any weight so to speak.  I weighed in at 154 this am, which is right around where I've been for a few months.

However, I am bloated and gooey feeling in my belly.

My joints hurt.

My emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

And I just feel all over yukky.

So this am, I am starting to detox again. Obviously, I don't need it anymore for weight loss - as I didn't track a thing last week (and ate like I wasn't tracking anything!) and didn't go too high.   But this time around, I'm going to allow myself the yummy summer fruit - IN MODERATION. I know that bananas are my gateway drug to sugar (hello bananas + nutella + peanut butter.... *drool*) so I will avoid those. But the fresh cherries, pears and plums in my fridge will get in my belly! :-)

Here's my stats update as of earlier this month (I don't think I ever posted this):

And for comparison, here's a photo from today (ignore the sweat, I tried the Zumba Wii game I borrowed from the library!) -- hoping the bloat goes down!

The plan:

Juice for breakfast (lots of greens!) and coffee with half and half.  Adding chia seeds to my juice helps keep me nice and full and keeps those nasty cravings away.

Lunch will be full-fat cheese, some low fat lunch meat (ham) and cucumbers probably. I will add crackers here and there as I see fit.  I am also looking for a great oatmeal recipe - steel cut oatmeal at lunch sounds delicious to me!

Dinners I will continue as usual.  Tonight, for example, we're having steak, baked sweet potatoes and a nice romaine salad.  I have always tried to keep my plate 1/2 veggie, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carb. That won't change.

After dinner: I will be avoiding what has become my summer routine - Corona with lime! Cutting back on my alcohol intake should also help the bloat.

I'm hoping to get to the gym more this week, but I have 1.5 sick kiddos (one is definitely sick, one seems to be on his way there) so I may have to improvise - some 30 day shred at home, maybe a run after the kids go to bed. I never run in my neighborhood, but I AM DYING to go for a run! I miss it! It's been several weeks since I've gone and I just need the decompression time.

So that's it for me.  Hoping I can shed the last few lbs and get to a good, toned place for our beach vacation!


  1. You can do it! I know you can. Idea: maybe trade your corona for a new summer drink that's not so carbonated-y. I find that beer makes me so bloated, maybe even more than the sugar part does. Maybe like some mango rum and crystal light? I know that's not exactly non-sugar, but it's kind of a guilt-free treat. And one time I mixed mango captain morgan and cherry limeade crystal light and it was basically the best thing I've ever had. :) You've got this.

  2. I agree with alison about the drink -- most alcohol has zero carbs (even flavored vodkas, etc.)

    Also -- I would stop concentrating on those last lbs -- enjoy how you look and feel when doing the healthy thing -- you look great -- and with all the exercise, I'm sure you are building muscle and losing inches!

  3. You are inspiring me to get back to WW ASAP! Would you be willing to share that spreadsheet? Awesome to see not only how much weight, but the inches youve lost! (Im @reprojeans on twitter)
    reprojeans at gmail dot com