Monday, June 11, 2012

Back to basics.

As more people ask me about quitting sugar, I find myself back in the place I was before I started. I hear them say "I'm weak" and "It's not for me!"  and I am instantly back to last summer/fall, before I quit. I remember thinking how ridiculous it was to quit sugar. I remember thinking about how small my willpower was and how sugar wasn't "that bad" for me. And then I re-read this post and remember how empowered, strong and awesome it felt to achieve "the impossible."

But I did the 8 weeks. And I FELT better. Wholly better - emotional, physical... clearer, pain-free. 

So here's a quick bullet point of some of my favorite "sugar free" tips: 
  • Trader Joe's has two salad dressings that are sugar free - a Greek Feta dressing and a "Goddess" dressing that tastes vaguely like hummus. 
  • Whole Foods has sugar free ketchup!!
  • You can easily make your own taco seasoning and Italian seasoning (Italian dressing mix) that taste BETTER than the jarred/envelopes!
  • Greek yogurt (plain!) starts to taste less like sour cream and more delicious the longer you are without sugar! Yogurt with walnuts and cinnamon is a fantastic breakfast or snack!
  • Triscuits are about the only crackers that don't have added sugar that I have found.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't been "sugar free" these days.  A little ice cream here, some fruit there. And I pay for it - my joints hurt, I have cravings, I have wicked mood swings. 

In my head I know I CAN do it. I also know that I am doing fine allowing the occasional "treat" now and again.

And I'm kicking BUTT on my fitness. Still doing Weight Watchers and last week, I earned **42** Activity Points!

Tues: Yoga - 75 min
Wed: Spinning - 66 min
Thurs: Spinning - 75 min (I rode extra!)
Fri: new class - cardio drills & power sculpt - 75 min (this class KICKS MY BUTT!!)

All in all a good week.  Weight holding steady at 152. I feel like I need to weigh in on Fridays instead of Mondays! 
Weekends are my diet enemy!

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