Sunday, June 3, 2012


Sorry for the radio silence lately.  I'm in a weird limbo - |thisclose| to my goal, but really not full flung into no sugar (summer without ice cream? seriously?)  So I keep jumping between 149 and 152. I still haven't "officially" hit my goal weight.

I'm definitely not back to where I was with sugar - I don't have it every day. I have been eating more fruit (it's summer!) and letting myself have a "treat" now and again.  I definitely am more aware of my kids' sugar intake as well.  In addition I'm SUPER skeptical when people say something is "sugar free," knowing that most of the time there is fake sugar, agave, or cane juice. I know NOW that these are all sugar by another name. Knowledge is power, people!

So anyhow, as summer progresses, I hope to get back into the swing of things. I've started a new class at the gym (two actually!)  Cardio drills & power sculpt. They almost KILLED me on Friday. And if you know me, that means I'll be back this Friday more intent on kicking royal butt.  :-)

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