Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am making accommodations for myself. I am swimming to get some physical activity. I spend about an hour at a time in this lane in the pool (I am a creature of habit - I MUST be in THIS lane!) And I'm watching my calories SO closely!

We've gone back to a lot of clean eating.  Meals this week have been primarily veggies.
Monday I made a chicken dish. I used all tomatoes from our garden ( we have a CRAZY tomato plant garden this year! ).  I added chicken broth to the pan, fresh thyme/basil (from my herb garden), tons of tomatoes, a handful of chopped zucchini, several mini sweet peppers. Right before I served it, I threw in about 1-2 Tbsp whipped cream cheese. It gave the sauce a little more body. I tossed this mixture with brown rice noodles and away we went. Delicious! 

Tuesday night was a lovely burger with smoked white cheddar cheese and a bit of bacon. A sliced tomato from the garden. Corn on the cob. "Superfood" kale salad! 

Thursday night we had portobello pizzas. I've made this before, but tonight's topped ALL of them! I grilled the mushrooms first with just a touch of coconut oil. I layered them with pizza sauce, cheese, sauteed spinach and turkey pepperoni and grilled them until they were melty and delicious.  We had it with a salad and corn on the cob. Soooo yummy!

This morning I skipped my normal 1-2 cups of coffee in favor of this smoothie. I've talked about the amazing smoothie before but looking back, I realize I never shared the recipe!  I found it in a Tosca Reno cookbook. I found the recipe online here. I can take or leave the honey in the recipe, but it's sooooo delightful with the honey that I never ever leave it out!

Monday I am going to see an ortho about my leg. Of COURSE the pain is nearly non-existent now... But I am still going to go meet with him and find out what I did, if he can tell me. There is still pain here and there so I definitely don't think I am completely healed.  And hopefully I'll get the all-clear to start running again! 

Until then, I will keep swimming. I think we're planning to go on a family bike ride this weekend. I have a virtual race to do, so maybe a bike ride race is what I'll have to do in my current condition! 

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  1. The mushroom pizza looks great! Ill be making that!