Friday, July 5, 2013

Is this moderation??

So the 4th of July is a big deal around here. It's "E's parade" - she even calls it "my parade."  We just so happen to live ON a parade route, so we roll out of bed, have friends come over for breakfast and sit on the lawn and watch.  As I mentioned last year, this parade is better than Halloween for my kids - the candy comes TO THEM.  Lots of candy!

I am a sucker for Tootsie rolls and banana Laffy Taffy.  So those were my big weakness yesterday. I signed up to follow a training plan through RunKeeper for a sub-55 min 10K and yesterday I was supposed to run "2 slow miles."  Well, that obviously wasn't happening as I had two HYPER kiddos and it was about 88 degrees by 1pm.   So around 1:30 I told the kids we were going for a walk.  We walked to a local park and I had a brief epiphany!  My kids are 2.5 and 5 now, hardly young enough for me to need to stand behind them and watch them play.  So while they played, I ran laps around the playground! It was only approximately .15 miles around the circle, I could see them every part of it. Also, I wasn't wearing running shoes or clothes - Keen sandals and cargo shorts. But I did it! And I went 2.48 miles, with the walking and running portions added in. The walk was about .5 miles there and .5 miles back, so I did a decent bit of a run.

photo of the day for my challenge - flex a muscle.
This morning, A woke up brutally early for a little boy who stayed up until 10 for fireworks. I was awake so I left the kiddos with my hubby (who rocks, by the way, if I haven't mentioned that lately) so that I could hit the gym for a few of my favorite classes. I always miss them because I work on Fridays now, but it was a lovely time.  I went to an 8:30 cardio drills class (I walked in with 800 steps and left with 7000!) where we do all kinds of plyo moves, run outside and use a big tall step!  Then I stayed for her full body toning class. I thought I would be done there because I felt something snap in my knee during a crunch with a yoga ball, but thankfully, the pain didn't persist. So I went to my circuit class for 45 minutes. 

But I hit 10,000 steps before 11am! 

I did well with lunch (a HUGE romaine salad with 4.5 oz of grilled pork tenderloin & 1oz of smoked white cheddar cheese) and dinner was fantastic (thanks to my awesome hubby - burgers (no bun) with curried cauliflower, grilled asparagus and corn on the cob!). 

My princess has her birthday party tomorrow night (our first sleepover!) and I made mini cupcakes tonight. I didn't' taste a cupcake, but I did taste the batter - delish. I had two Tootsie Rolls earlier and I'm having wine now. But I'm still within my calories for the day!

I did have another awesome moment of "right" choices yesterday for lunch. My family had Annie's shells'n'cheese and turkey hot dogs. Instead of indulging in that, I made myself a bowl of tuna, celery, onion and a TINY bit of mayo to bind it (I WISH I had an avocado, that would have been fabulous!)  I ate it mostly out of the bowl, but did have a few crackers with it. So yummy! I highly recommend it for lunch!
So in short, while I've been making some awesome choices, I also haven't been completely "clean."  I can feel it, though, in my gut mostly.  I have a weigh in on Monday and I'm just hoping to make a little progress by then so that I don't let my team down!

Any awesome lunches I MUST HAVE this week? 

I am working 4 days next week and at this point, I think I'm having the same salad I had today. Not a BAD thing, but also not much variety! 

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