Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week in Review!

Well, I didn't GAIN weight for my weigh in on Monday! I was down .5lb from my initial weigh in. I'll take it! 

My daughter left on Monday morning to spend a week with my mom in Georgia. I took advantage of my day off + only having my little guy and he and I went for a long run around the lake! 4 miles felt awesome after so long with no running! 

Tuesday morning I woke up and took a run around my neighborhood. It was delightful! I can't believe I haven't taken advantage of running in my neighborhood. The hills are killer, but I think those are exactly what I need to train. Those are definitely my downfall in my last half and I'm not about to let that happen again!

This week was a bit different since my daughter was gone AND I worked four days. We had a HUGE training event on Friday to prepare for and Saturday was our company picnic. I went to see South Pacific at the theater Tuesday night and was out late. No run Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Friday was an all-day training that I helped plan and facilitate. It was a SUPER HUGE BUSY and STRESSFUL day. But I managed to get in my 10,000 steps. 

Saturday we had the work picnic. It was SERIOUS BUSINESS. First event was a three legged race. I was "ALL IN" and pushed myself so hard, my husband and I fell over one another at the finish line and I messed up my leg pretty badly. I kept pushing. We didn't win, but we certainly had an awesome time!  I am very thankful for my job and this company!

Tomorrow is another weigh in and the start to a new week. I did something ouchie to my leg on Saturday and today I rested it and I have a pain patch on it. I'm hoping that tomorrow it will be better so that I can get to the gym for my classes. Hoping to run Tuesday, but take Wednesday off (Tuesday night is my theater night and this week's show is Les Mis, which is my hands down all time favorite.) Thursday I want to get to a kickboxing class and Friday will be another run day for me. I think we are going to camp this weekend so hopefully some good bike rides and hiking will round out my week! 

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