Saturday, February 8, 2014


First FitNut Weigh In: 170
Final FitNut Weigh In: 165.5

4.5 lbs in a month - not too shabby.

Last week I kicked ROYAL butt. I already posted about my Mon/Tuesday/Wed workouts. Thursday I went to a Spin class (surprisingly only burned 348 calories in class - was disappointed in that!!) and Friday I went to my typical Terrie class, the one that kicks my butt the most. I couldn't even do a side plank!!! My feet went numb, I was weak.... Definitely my body telling me ENOUGH!!

Unfortunately, this week was a complete 180.  Monday morning we had a playdate for my little guy. Tuesday, when I planned to do my treadmill run again, my daughter spiked a fever. I started feeling a sinus infection coming on too, so I didn't even get workouts in at home!

Wednesday she was still sick AND had a snow day.  Thursday, still home. And Friday she FINALLY went back to school, but my little guy had been homebound all week (side effect of a sick big sissy!) and I promised him a day at the children's museum. We had a grand fabulous time, but holy cow, I miss working out!

Tomorrow is Sunday. I am really hoping to go and kill it on a treadmill. I want to do the treadmill workout from two weeks ago.

I haven't even weighed myself. I'm not doing great at keeping up with the protein and macros. OMG so hard to get that much protein.

Sooooooo hopefully next time I update, I can add some AWESOME progress or development. Unfortunately no good news this week :(

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