Wednesday, September 3, 2014

One Third Done!

Day 10!! 1/3 of the way done!! 

Feeling great. Emotional today for reasons unrelated to my food. I definitely had a nightmare last night that I mindlessly ate a forkful of pasta and started yelling because I was so angry I messed up my Whole30! I woke up all angry and moody because of that dream.

Breakfast: Omelette with sauteed peppers and onions. Avocado. Blueberries. 

Lunch: 2 hot dogs, sugar snap peas, applesauce.
Dinner: Jalapeno chicken burgers, sweet potatoes, guacamole and a few plantain chips (I didn't eat all of those) and a side salad with Tessamae's balsamic dressing.

Breakfast: 2 egg/pepper/prosciutto muffins. Blueberries. Power greens. 
Lunch: 1 1/4 jalepeno chicken burgers, grapes, romaine, roasted potatoes. 
Midday: Lara bar
Dinner: Taco salad with meat, tomatoes, black olives.

Spoonful of coconut butter - yum!

Breakfast: 3 egg muffins

Lunch: Taco meat, romaine with a hardboiled egg. Grapes.
Dinner: Salmon (recipe from the Well Fed cookbook), cumin spiced carrots (also from Well Fed), cauliflower rice that I burnt.

My leg is still giving me trouble, but I went to yoga on Tuesday and did a bit of foam rolling and yoga moves (pidgeon anyone?!) tonight. HOping that loosens me up enough to get about 6 miles in tomorrow while my little guy is at school! 

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